Dragon Wings Costume with Dragon Mask, Dinosaur Wings Costume

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  • Do your children love fairytales?  Do they pretend to be a princess locked in a tower, or do they play the part of the dragon who guards the castle?  If the dragon is the preferred role, you may be interested in our Dragon Mask and cape type Wing Set.  But be prepared for the theatrics to began once the costume is tried on.  You may find yourself surrounded by imaginary fire, as your little creature, begins making powerful stokes with its wings, and then soars around the room, expelling flames.
  • This blue, green, and black costume makes turning into a dragon as easy as one, two, three.  First, using the elastic straps on the inside top of the Dragon Wings, help your child to put them over their shoulder.  Second, have them place their wrist into the elastic straps at the tip of the wings, or hold onto the strap, if they prefer.  Third, pull on the Dragon Mask, and secure it around the head using the attached elastic band.  If you walk to a mirror, the smiles should appear very quickly.
  • The Dragon Mask measures about 5 inches from temple to temple, the horn and spike on the top of the mask measure about an 1 inch, and from the top of the head to the bottom of the snout measures almost 4 inches.  The mask is made of green felt with black, white and blue heat pressed vinyl defining the face.  There is a narrow black elastic that goes around the head to hold the mask comfortably in place.
  • The Dragon Wings are made of blue felt, and have green felt triangular shapes attached to them, to give the wings a defined appearance.  The wingspan is 32 inches at the top, and diminishes as it goes down, to a point, at the bottom.  Black Spikes run down the middle of the wing, for a length of 20 inches, and stand out from the wing about 1.25 inches. 
  • This Dragon Mask and Dragon Wing set brings excitement to playtime, costumes your child for Halloween, and will be a hit at Dragon Themed Birthday parties.
  • Not recommended for children age 3 and under.