Flamingo and Pineapple Part, Summer Glamping Tee Pee Tent Birthday Party Set

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If your looking to host the perfect Flamingo and Pineapple Luau Party look no further.  This Flamingo and Pineapple Party Glamping Tee Pee Tent Set is all you need to create a unforgettable Flamingo and Pineapple Party Experience.  

  • Each Party Set accommodates 3 guests
  • Includes 3 yellow teepees, complete with carry bag and green fairy lights
  • 3 hot pink plush pillow bed cases (pillows are not included)
  • 3 Plush Pink Heart Throw Pillow
  • 6 pink fuzzy snowballs for playing toss games, juggling games and having a fuzzy pink coconut snowball fight
  • 3 hot pink luau headbands
  • 3 party favor jars filled with hair accessories- each jar contains and emerald chunky bow headband, yellow glitter headband, hot pink glitter hair flower, light pink glitter hair flower, hot pink lace headband and white loopy hair bow with pink and green
  • 3 -8 inch wide pineapple print bows to clip at the top of the teepee
  • 6- 5 inch pink polka dot bows to clip at the tee pee entrance tie backs
  • 2 flamingo themed hand tied ribbon banner to hang between the teepees

Just add food and music for this fun luau party complete. Your child will be blown away by this unique flamingo and pineapple glamping party theme.  Set it up by the pool for shade at a pool party or in the house for an epic sleepover slumber party. your child will love you for it.