Sleepover Teepee Party Bundles

Why a Teepee Sleepover Party?

Looking for a little inspiration or party ideas for your little ones next Birthday? Sleepover parties and slumber parties are all the rage these days. There are so many sleepover partied ideas and themes all over the web. Slumber parties can provide a great intimate and unique experience for your child's closest friends on a Friday or Saturday night during the school year. The sweet spot for a slumber party is 4-8 guests, with 6 being the most popular. With only hosting 6 children you will find your budget will stretch a lot farther than when you invite every child in your kids class. I quickly realized this was how I wanted to spend my time and my money, on my children's closest friends, instead of on everyone in the class whom may or may not have been kind to my child.


Sleepover party tents and decorations

As a parent, I created the sleepover party pack to help parents give their little a picture perfect, Pintrest perfect, Tik Tok worthy background for their party to occur. Our sleepover party packs include all the party supplies you need including sleepover tent, just add food (breakfast), cookies and or music. Whether you choose to set up the party pack in your home by the fireplace, or outside by the pool, the kids are sure to love all thats included in this one stop shop party pack. Each sleepover set is unique and different and includes party favors, decorations and various party supplies. Some include craft supplies to create dream catchers during the party, while others include pamper me spa products. I have tried to create many options for you to choose from. 


Sleepover Birthday Party Supplies

About our Slumber Party Tent Supplies and Sleepover Teepee Party Decorations

Planning a sleepover party for your kid has never been easier! Chicky Chicky Bling Bling has everything you need to make it a night to remember. We have sleepover tents, party decorations, party favors and party supplies. All you will need to do is add food and music and watch your children's faces light up. You'll host the most epic party just by ordering and opening one of our party packs boxes.

Host the ultimate slumber party with our all in one sleepovers party in a box. We have many themes to choose from. Or you may have us build you a custom and personalized theme by contacting us or ordering from our Etsy store.

Whats included in most of our sleepover tent boxes

Most of our tent party boxes include all the supplies you need for 3-4 slumber party guests. Each sleepovers party set is different depending on the theme and the ages of the children the box is intended for.


Movie Night Birthday Party decorations

Ultimate slumber party packs include teepee tents or sleepover tents for 3-4 slumber party guests. These slumber party boxes also include pillow bed cases (an alternative to air mattresses) and inflatable pillows for the same 3-4 guests. ( the inflatable pillows create an air mattresses type feel or you can use your own standard queen size pillows for a more cozy feel) Each party box includes 2-3 teepee sign banners or garland to hang between your teepees for decorations and lights to decorate your tents with. We have an assortment of colored lights to match each theme.

Girls themed boxes tend to include bows to decorate each tent or teepee with. Some girls party boxes also include mason jar party favors filled with hair accessories, or mask and costume wing accessories. Our girls spa themed slumber party boxes can include lighted make up mirrors, make up brush sets and small make up organizers.

Boys themed slumber party boxes can include masks, capes and other costume accessories. They also include can plastic party favor jars that you may choose to fill with popcorn, cookies, candy or other party favors. Our boys themes range from little boy dinosaur Birthday parties to big kids Gamer birthdays.

Many of our tent party boxes have hand made crochet snowball toys for having mini snowball fights instead of pillow fights. We hope the snowball toys can provide games at the party with juggling, tossing and snowball fights.

We do our best to come up with new ideas of themes every week. We also try to encourage customers to contact us if they want a custom theme, or if they would like their party favors, sleepovers tents or pillow bed cases personalized. We are able to build you the custom slumber party box to your theme, budget, and guests list number. We are open to any recommendations and ideas our customers can share. It is our goal to ensure your little one has a magical party filled with love. We do our best to create simple party products that allow you to create fairytale moments for your child and memories that will last a lifetime.

Each of our slumber party boxes is different. We invite you to visit and search each party pack carefully to see what games, toys, lights and extras are included. We hope you will think the price is fair and that you will choose to entrust us with your special event.


Sleeopover parties are fun

Just a Slumber Party Box?

We have been told by many of our happy clients that the items and decorations provided in our party pack is almost all your need to create an epic at home sleepover. You will just need to add music and food ( cookies and cake) to have the best party your child could imagine.

So what additional information are you waiting for? It's time to start planning a magical sleepover for your little one today. The best party about our sleepover party sets is that you own them. You can use them over and over again, or choose to treat the youngsters at your party with incredible party favors they will never forget.


Pamper me Party

Information: Our Fun Sleepover Party Supplies are for kids age 3+

Our supplies boxes orders tend to ship in 1-3 days from time of purchase. We hope you will consider one of our boxes for your special occasion.

For all Custom and Personalized Party box

  • order please shop our Etsy page or contact us directly to create your special box. All of our Birthday Boxes are made with love. 

Why choose our bulk tents, Sleepover Box and Party Supplies?

Our birthday party boxes will provide the all the party supplies and tools you need to deliver a fun and incredible experience to your kids on a special day, their birthday, on a family night in, a staycation or a Sunday Funday at home. Every guest will leave your home feeling content and happy to be a part of your magical celebration. 

 Need different options? No problem, our proudly created slumber party tents for sale, twinkle lights, decoration, and more for your little ones can be tailored to and customized to fit your needs. Just contact us and we will make a memorable party pack to fit your needs and create a magical experience for the kid you chose to celebrate.

Check out our blog with great sleepover party ideas and hacks.