Kids A-Frame Sleepover Tents with Lights

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About our A-Frame Sleepover Tents

There's nothing quite like having a slumber party with your friends or a pretend campout night with your brother or sister. Our A-frame slumber party tents are great for indoor play because they can be easily transformed into an instant "home" within seconds. Our A-Frame tents for sleepover helps kids create a fun and safe place to have a sleepover or just play pretend! If you're looking for a high quality A frame tent that will last through many years of imaginative play, look no further.

Slumber Party Tent details

  • Each A-frame tent is hand crafted with quality materials.Kids A-frame sleepover tent parts
  • Each A-frame sleepover tent frame is constructed with solid wood interlocking. The cross poles fit flawlessly together and then a wood capped screw goes through the center. This allows for a fast, yet very sturdy and durable frame. This will prevent the sleepover tents from collapsing on a child.Kids a-frame sleepover tent interlocking frame
  • Our slumber party tents have a luxurious 100% Cotton fabric cover. The cover has a casing for the two bottom poles so it will be secure. The top of the cover just lays over the top beam of the tent frame.Kids white a-frame sleepover tent
  • Each of our sleepover tents includes a fabric carry bag. The tent may be taken apart and stored in the case for later use or traveling.

Slumber Party Tents Dimensions

  • Each Tent Measures assembled approximately 48x40x40 inches. Please see photo for explained measurements.
  • Includes 1 strand of fairy lights to decorate your sleepover tent just the way you want.Kids red a-frame sleepover tent measurements


Some kids may experience a frightening or insecure event. It's been shown that offering them a secluded "safe" place can help them relax and fall asleep. If you have a kid who is suffering, consider putting up a tent or teepee. It might be created from scratch, or it could be purchased from us; it doesn't matter as long as the child gets some comfort.


No matter what your party theme, our tents are perfect for your slumber party. There are many ways to celebrate, play and dream big. Girls and boys today seem to think the only fun toys are electronic toys. We hope our hand crafted playhouses will teach them to be happy while using their imaginations. Sleepovers aren't just for birthday parties and having over friends. Sleepovers can also be with dolls, stuffed animals, moms, dad, brothers and sisters. A super fun pretend campout indoors by the fireplace eating cookies can be just as much fun as an actual campout, when you're making memories together.

Tents for Sleepover

If you are looking for tents for a sleepover party we have several bundles and party boxes available.  Our bundles offer discounts.  We can even create a custom party themed box for you.

  Kids red a-frame sleepover tentKids white a-frame sleepover tent


Recommended for ages 3 and up