Yellow Play Tee Pee with Lights, Yellow Kids fort, Kids Teepee Tent

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  • Our bight yellow Teepee is the perfect gift for your little indoor camper.  Whether you are looking to provide an adventure similar to camping out of doors, or an indoor experience, like building a fort, this Yellow Teepee offers a perfect solution.  It is also an excellent starting point for planning a "glamping" slumber party, or a campout themed sleepover. 
  • Each Teepee contains 8 partial poles (2 partial poles of 31.5 inches create one complete pole of 63 inches), 1 Yellow polyester canvas Teepee covering, 4 rubber stopper end caps, 4 PVC pole connectors, and 1 Teepee stabilizer.  The Yellow Teepee kit has its own bag, making storage, and the carrying of assembly parts, convenient.
  • The Yellow Play Teepee has 3 sides.  Two of the sides are a flat panel, one of which has a window in it.  The front entrance side of the Teepee, is open down the middle, and can be tied open, using using the tie backs that are attached to the Teepee, or can be left closed.
  • The Measurements photo below illustrates teepee sizing.
  • The Yellow Play Teepee opens a child's imagination to a variety of possible play options.  It can become a fort, built without using chairs, sheets, and blankets, and offer a special place, where any number of games can be played.  It can be used to create a camping experience, where without leaving the house, a child can have an overnight campout.  If you are looking to provide a unique party, The Yellow Teepee can provide or add to your theme.  Today, "glamping" parties are all the rage, and you can plan much of your event, by using our party packages.  Please look at our Slumber Party Bundles if this interests you.
  • Not recommended for children age 3 and under. 
  • Includes 1 strand of fairy lights for hanging over the tee pee entry.