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Home & Living - Soccer Pillow Bed Case, Floor Lounger Gift
Home & Living - Soccer Pillow Bed Case, Floor Lounger Gift



Pillow Bed Floor Lounger - Red Pillow Bed, Pillow Bed Floor Lounger, Glamping
Pillow Bed Floor Lounger - Red Pillow Bed, Pillow Bed Floor Lounger, Glamping



Kids Pillow Bed Floor Lounger

Cozy and versatile kids pillow bed floor lounger, lounger pillow, perfect for lounging, reading, and imaginative play

What is a Kids Pillow Floor Lounger?

A pillow bed floor lounger is a large pillow case that you put large pillows into to create a DIY Spare Bed, pillow bed floor Lounger, or recliner Floor cushion. Our floor pillow bed lounger is great for creating a cozy lounging seat for playing games, have a super soft versatile design to watch tv and and has an easy to use design.

Kids pillow bed floor lounger have become all the rage for creating a fun kids floor lounger, nap mat, or spared bed for kids sleepover party and more. They are very versatile and offer a good sleep quality at great price.


floor pillow for kids

About our Pillow Bed Floor Lounger Cover

The Chicky Chicky Bling Bling pillow bed lounger cover offers high quality materials. These high quality materials ensures ample support for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Our kids pillow bed cases do not include the pillows. You will need 5 of your own pillows to create the floor pillow lounger. Our children's lounger cover measures approximately 26 inches wide by 88 inches long. Each children's stuffable lounger cover will require 5 of your own standard queen size standard pillows to create the desired level of comfort for your convenient sleeping solution. For Parties we recommend you buy pillows $4 Queen Size Target dollar store pillows.

Kids pillow bed measurements

Our versatile design makes it is easy to create this DIY pillow bed lounger cover floor cushion. Our durable construction makes it easy to Simply stuff one pillow into each of our sturdy zippers pockets of the lounger cover and viola!!! you have successfully created a cozy spot on the floor for a kids reading nook, comfortable lounging option for older kids video gaming, or kids sleepover pillow bed sleeper. We do not include the pillows so that you may choose your ultimate comfort level of hard to squishy pillow. This also allows our pillows bed cases to be easily folded and transported for travel to a hotel or to grandma's house, where different pillows may be used to create a different comfy place.

Stylish Seating Solution Easy to Clean Design

When you are finished using your bed floor lounger cover you can remove the pillows and easily launder the outer cover or bed pillowcase. You can simply toss the pillow bed floor lounger in the washing machine on delicate cycle or hand wash cycle in cold water. The They will need to lay flat to dry or can be tumble dried on a low heat cycle. You bed lounger cozy cover will now feel fresh again.

Recliner Floor Cushion Best Seller Prints

Not only does our pillow bed floor lounger cover provide a seating solution but it is a stylish piece to decorate your home. Our floor pillow bed floor lounger for kids come in a variety of fun colors and prints and made from a super soft plush fabric. Our kids pillow bed floor lounger is also large enough to be enjoyed by an adult. These pillow floor lounger allow for fun fort building, napping, reading, playing video games and make a hot sleeper for kids sleepover parties.

We offer tons of ultra soft fabric solids and prints for little kids and big kids alike. From bright orange dinosaur prints, to black and white gamer prints, we have a pillow bed floor lounger that will be perfect for any kid. Just a place to sleep? I think not but a cozy floor option that is a great investment and convenient choice for anyone who has kids.


gamer floor cushion

Stylish Cozy Floor Lounger Cover

Our kids stuffable lounger cover makes an excellent and unique gift. You can choose to add a name personalization or clips art free of charge to one of our pillow bed floor lounger cover and your gift becomes a one of a kind gift. 

Personalized Kids pillow beds

Floor Cushion for Ultimate Slumber Parties

Our pillow bed floor lounger is great for slumber parties and we have many bundled party themes to help you create affordable epic slumber parties. Most of our bundles sleepover party themes have included pillows that are inflatable to help you save money. Our Sleepover party box offers convenience of creating a spare bed for each guest by using the stuffable lounger cover to help create an epic party theme.

Our kids pillow beds are so versatile we have seen them turned into forts, floor cushions, floor chairs, kids floor loungers, children's floor pillows and more. They are perfect to pair with our sleepover tents to create the perfect sleepover oasis. Our kids pillow beds are included in most of our sleepover party packs.


Childrens floor pillow

Pet Beds Cushion for Ultimate Comfort

It didn't take long to find out not only kids love our kids pillow beds but so do our pets. Little pets can curl up on one pillow, maybe two pillows but the larger pets tend to sprawl out long across all the pillows. Whether you pet is a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper, they will soon enjoy sprawling out in all sleep positions on these great pillow beds.

Soon your kids and pets will be fighting over these easy yet fun pillow bed floor lounger .

 So what are you waiting for? Get an extra comfy seating solution for kids adults and pets all in one.