White and Turquoise Lace Play Tee Pee with Lights, Fort, Tent for Kids

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  • The delicate White and Turquoise Lace trimmed Play Teepee offers a touch of elegance to the indoor camping idea.  This Teepee can be used in a variety of ways, to make a camping, or "glamping" experience special.  These colors work well with many of the themes that can be used.  It also can be used to create a fort, a place where any number of games can be played, without the use of sheets and blankets.
  • The Teepee kit is made up of 8 partial poles (2 of these partial poles, measuring 31.5 inches), connect to create a 1 complete pole, measuring 63 inches.  Also included is 1 White and Turquoise Lace trimmed polyester canvas Teepee covering, 4 rubber stopper end caps, 4 PVC pole connectors, and 1 Teepee stabilizer.  The Teepee kit also comes with a bag for storing and transporting parts for assembly.
  • Our White and Turquoise Lace trimmed Teepee has 3 sides.  Two of the sides are flat panels, one of these features a window.  The Teepee entrance is on the third side, and has an opening down the middle, that can be closed, or tied open (with tie backs attached to the Teepee).
  • Please see the Measurements photo below to find sizing.
  • This Teepee allows for a child's imagination to run wild.  It can become housing for a fairy, or for any number of fairytale characters.  Perhaps your little one is in need of a place to play "house", she, and her dolls and stuffed animals, can move in after an easy setup experience.
  • If you are looking to provide a party or sleepover that includes a "glamping" theme, you may want to look at our Slumber Party Bundles, for ideas or for supplies.
  • Not recommended for children 3 and under.
  • Includes 1 strand of fairy lights for lighting up the teepee entry