Girls Birthday Mouse Sleepover Party in a Box

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About our Polka Dot Mouse Sleepover Birthday Party Box

If your mini me loves Sleepovers, Polka dots, Big Bows and mouse then this is the complete Birthday party in a box for you. This birthday box is for the serious Mouse party planner. It has everything you need to make sure your Birthday Mouse party is a hit! Your guests will be thrilled when they see the adorable red and white polka dot Birthday Mouse theme. They'll love the fun birthday games and activities, and they'll be excited to take home the stylish polka dot bow party favors. With this complete birthday party box, you'll be able to relax and enjoy your own Mouse party.

Each Slumber Party Mouse Party Box includes:

Each Mouse Birthday Party box has supplies to entertain 3 birthday party guests

  • 3 white sleepover teepees with pom pom trim
  • 3 strands of red fairy lights
  • 3 red polka dot pillow bed cases (each pillow case will require 5 standard queen size pillows. These are not included so that you can choose the firmness or level of comfort you prefer. 15 inflatable pillows are provided for a one time party use and will provide a more air mattress type feel)
  • 3 jumbo red polka dot hair bows to hang and decorate your sleepover tent
  • 2 Red Glitter bow teepee banners to decorate your sleepover tents with by hanging them in between your sleepover teepees.
  • 6 red, black and white loopy polka dot hair bows to use as decorations for your teepee doors (simply clip them at the tie backs)
  • 3 Glitter mouse ear headbands to use as party favors
  • 3 Black heart throw pillows to use as party favors
  • 6 black fuzzy mouse balls to have mouse ball (snowball) fights with, to have juggling challenges with and to play toss games with
  • 3 plastic mason jar party favors filled with party favor accessories. Each jar contains a black and white polka dot hair bow topper, and is filled with a red and white polka dot elastic headband, 2 gold gemstone wrap around hair ties, 1 black sparkle bow hair elastic and 1 red sparkle bow hair elastic.

Not intended for children ages 3 and under.

About the Mousparty Sleepover Tents

  • The White Pom Teepee is composed of 8 partial poles (2 partial poles make 1 complete pole) measuring 31.5 inches (a complete pole is 63 inches), 1 red canvas Tee Pee covering, 4 rubber stopper end caps, 4 PVC pole connecters, and 1 Tee Pee stabilizer. Each Tee Pee comes with a matching red bag, for carrying and storing assembly parts. Also included are 3 sets of Fairy Lights to accent the front of each Tee Pee, and 2 color coordinated baseball Ribbon Banners to hang between them.  Minnie Mouse Sleepover Ideas

About the Red and White Polka Dot Mouse Pillow Bed Cases

  • The Red and white polka dot pillow Bed / Lounger Slipcover measures 88 inches by 26 inches. It is made of a soft polyester material, and is machine washable on delicate cycle, or may be hand washed. You may tumble dry it on low or it can be laid flat to dry. The Slipcover holds 5 Queen size pillows in the 5 zippered pockets. The Pillows Are Not Included, allowing you to choose the comfort level you prefer. (we will include 15 inflatable pillows for a one time party use- these will have more of an air mattress type feel than the squishiness of a normal pillow). Minnie Mouse party ideas

Polka Dot Bow Party Decorations and Party Favors

The red glitter bow party banners provide unique decorations to hang between your sleepover tents. The fuzzy mouse balls provide a fun alternative to snowball fights or pillow fights, however if you prefer pillow fights the 3 black heart pillow will work perfectly. The party favor mason jars are a unique way to tell your guests thank you for coming. The party favor accessories are re-useable and also add more decorations to your birthday party table.

All our party boxes are not rentals. They are yours to own and use again and again either for other siblings, additional playdates, or family nights in. Why rent when you can enjoy the party over and over again. Change the theme by adding a new party banner and party favors.

Personalized and Custom Birthday Parties

IF you would like your Polka dot birthday box personalized with names on the black heart pillows OR pillow bed cases please click the link to the etsy store above to order or contact us for more details. IF you want a custom theme created for you or want to adjust something about this theme please contact us and we will do our best to create a custom party theme to meet your desires.Personalized Party Favor


So what are you waiting for? Grab our mouse party box for your little minnie today. She will love you for it.