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Dreamy Cloud and Hearts Nursery Wall Hanging/Mobile - A Whimsical Accent for Children's Spaces

Introduce a touch of whimsy and wonder into your little one's sanctuary with our Cloud and Hearts Wall Hanging or Mobile. Designed to sprinkle 'heartfelt' drops of joy, this charming decor piece is the perfect blend of playfulness and serenity for any nursery, playroom, or child's bedroom.

Product Features:

  • 3D White Felt Cloud: At 15 inches by 9 inches, the cloud serves as a gentle canopy from which love cascades. Its superior felt craftsmanship and soft contours evoke the purity of cloud nine.

  • Colorful Cascading Hearts: Six tender hearts in a palette of Light Gray, Pink Blush, and Bubblegum Pink dangle below the cloud. Each measures 3 inches by 2.5 inches, creating a dynamic, cheerful flow of color.

  • Versatile Decor: With a handy loop at the top for easy hanging, this wall art adapts effortlessly to any setting—it can liven up a 'glamping' tent, teepee, or even serve as an adorable backdrop for a photoshoot.

  • Event Decorating: Ideal for baby showers or parties, let our cloud and hearts mobile inspire your creativity. The Chicky motto "Dream Big Little One" encourages boundless imagination and festive possibilities.

  • Theatrical Charm: For children's plays and programs, a collection of these clouds can conjure a delightful scene, adding a layer of enchantment with very little effort.

Product Description:

Float away on a dreamy journey with our enchanting Cloud and Hearts Nursery Wall Hanging/Mobile. This endearing decor piece invites a sense of calm and happiness into your child's special space, showcasing a fluffy white felt cloud from which dangles an array of colorful hearts, symbolizing love and dreams taking flight.

Measuring a substantial 15 inches by 9 inches, the cloud is the centerpiece of this creation, with a loop at the top ensuring it's a breeze to hang anywhere that needs a sprinkle of magic. Below, six felt hearts in soothing shades dance gracefully, capturing the eyes and hearts of both young and old.

This versatile wall hanging seamlessly transitions from a captivating accent in your child's room to an imaginative addition to themed events. Whether it's enriching the ambiance of a baby shower, adding personality to a child's playhouse, or serving as a sweet setting for memorable photoshoots, its presence resonates with joy and creativity.

Our cherished Chicky motto, "Dream Big Little One," is embodied in every aspect of this piece, encouraging all who encounter it to envision a world of possibilities. The cloud and hearts mobile is also a delightful prop for children's plays, effortlessly creating a whimsical backdrop that will transport audiences to a world of storytelling charm.

Elevate your nursery or celebration décor with our Cloud and Hearts Wall Hanging or Mobile—where every glance upwards is a reminder to keep dreaming and believing in the boundless sky of opportunity.

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    Customer Reviews

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    This mobile was customized exactly how I

    This mobile was customized exactly how I wanted/needed it to be. I can't thank you enough for working with me! My boss & his wife love the mobile! It looks so precious in their nursery!