6.5 Glitter Chevron Gross Grain Christmas Cheer Bow

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This 6.5" Glitter Chevron Gross Grain Christmas Cheer Bow is the perfect way to add a little cheer to the holidays. With its sparkly chevron and cheerleader styling, it'll have everyone shouting 'hooray'! Get ready for festive fashion fabulousness! The red glitter chevron gives a candy cane, get your Christmas on feel.  This cheer bow is made from 3" wide ribbon and is Wrapped into a 6.5" wide and 6.5" tall cheer bow.  It's simply perfect for adding some holiday spirit to any outfit on any little girl.  The cheer bow is then fastened to a ponytail.  Perfect for Holiday party favors as well!!!

Materials: Elastic, polyester

Size: 3" wide ribbon used to make 6.5" wide Bow