Orange Dinosaur Print Pillow Bed Slipcover, Floor Lounger Slipcover, and Dinosaur Mask Cape Play Set

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Take a step back in time with our dinosaur pillow bed play set, and allow your child to live among the dinosaurs.  Your little one will absolutely love this Orange Dinosaur Pillow Bed Slipcover and Dinosaur Costume set.  This Dinosaur Set will transform any space into a Prehistoric land and any child into a winged dinosaur creature.  Flapping wings, growls and pretend fire breathing should quickly follow - and so will the laughter.

  • Designed for dinosaur lovers ranging in age from 3 to 93.  The slipcover is 88 inches by 26 inches, and includes 5 zippered pockets.  Place 5 queen size pillows in the pockets, and you will find this bedding to be very comfortable.  The Pillows Are Not Included, which allows you to choose the comfort level you enjoy.
  • The slipcover is made of soft polyester material, and is machine washable on delicate, or it may be hand washed.  The Drying options are, tumble dry on low or lay flat to dry.  When not in use, it may be folded and stored in a small area.  
  • The Dinosaur Mask is made of green felt, and is embellished with black, white, and blue accents, made of heat pressed vinyl.   
  • The Dinosaur Wings are made of blue felt, and have green triangular shapes attached to them, to give the wings a defined appearance.  The wingspan is 32 inches at the top, and diminishes as it goes down, to a point at the bottom.  Black spikes run down the middle of the wing, for a length of 20 inches, and stand out from the wing about 1.25 inches.  They have elastic shoulder and wrist straps, and are suitable for most kids over the age of 3.  Best fit is probably for ages 3-8.
  • Each Dinosaur Pillow Bed Slipcover comes with a Dinosaur Mask and Dinosaur Wings.  This set makes for exciting playdates, wonderful Birthday parties or sleepovers, and entertainment for quiet days at home.  Please check out our Slumber Party Bundles if you wish to provide party favors that are memorable, and reusable.