DIY Plastic Mason Jar Party Favor Gifts with Daisy Cut Lids

$ 3.25

Our 8 oz plastic mason jars are so much fun. Add hair bows, ponytail holders, headbands and more to create the perfect gifts for sorority sisters, dance sisters, cheer sisters,  sports friends, birthday party favors, wedding favors.  Paper straws easily fit in the center hole to make adorable drinking glasses.  The best part is because they are plastic even if they get dropped they will not break. These little jars make adorable gifts and favors with items that are all re-useable and are not candy.  


Bulk discounts and quantity breaks are available.  Pair our jars with other hair accessories, straws and more from our site to create the perfect DIY party favors. All items in the jar, including the jar will qualify for quantity breaks if you are ordering more than 1. 


Price is per 1 jar without any straws, hair ponies, ect.