Lime Green Tee Pee Tent Play House with Lights, Teepee for Kids

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  • These fun lime green play teepees are perfect for indoor camping, fairytale games, birthday parties, and glamping parties.  This may also be the solution to building a "fort" without pulling sheets and blankets out the cabinet.
  • Each Teepee is composed of 8 partial poles (2 partial poles make 1 complete pole) measuring 31.5 inches (a complete pole is 63 inches), 1 lime green polyester canvas teepee covering, 4 rubber stopper end caps, 4 PVC pole connectors, and 1 Teepee stabilizer.  Each Teepee Kit comes with its own bag, for storing and carrying the assembly parts.
  • The lime green Play Teepee Tent has 3 sides.  Two are flat panels, one of which features a window.  The third side, which is the entrance, is open down the middle, and can be left closed, or can be tied open, using the tie backs that are attached to the Teepee.
  • Please see the Measurements photo below for teepee sizing.
  • This teepee offers an opening to a whole new world for a child.  With a little imagination, it can become any housing for any character, or it can become a fort, where any number of games can be played.  It can offer a camping experience without ever leaving the house, or be part of the setup for a marvelous glamping party.  Please look at our Slumber Party Bundles to see the party options for this Teepee.
  • Not recommend for children age 3 and under. 
  • Includes 1 strand of fairy lights for lighting up the teepee entry