Girls Glamping Snowflake Tee Pee Tent Party Bundle

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The Glamping frozen Snowflake Tee Pee Tent Party Bundle for Kids provides the pieces you will need for a Snowflake or "Winter Freeze" glamping Slumber Party or Sleepover.  The Bundle includes 3 White glmaping Tee Pees trimmed in turquoise and white lace, 3 strands of Fairy Lights, 3 Snowflake Pillow Bed Slipcovers, 2 Ribbon Banners, 3 Silver Wings, 3 Snowflake Wands, 3 Princess Masks, 3 turquoise hair tinsel extensions, and 6 Turquoise Glitter Sparkle Flower Hair Clips.

  • The Tee Pees are four sided.  Two sides are flat panels, one is a flat panel with a window, and one is the entrance.  The opening can be left closed, or can be tied open with the attached tiebacks.  The set also includes Fairy Lights for each Tee Pee, and two Ribbon Banners to hang between the Tee Pees.
  • The Snowflake Pillow Bed Slipcover measures 88 inches by 26 inches.  It is made of a soft polyester fabric, that can be Machine Washed on Delicate, or hand washed, then Tumble dried on low, or laid flat to dry.  This is a slipcover, and the Pillows Are Not Included, allowing you to chose the comfort level you prefer.  There are 5 zippered pockets, that will hold 5 Queen Pillows securely.  
  • The Ribbon Wrapped, Felt Snowflake Wands, Shimmering Snow Princess Masks, Turquoise Holographic clip on Hair Extensions, and Turquoise Glittering Flower Clips are added to the bundle to provide sparks to the imagination, as well as beauty to the child.  
  • Close your eyes, and envision the themes you can use to bring a touch of magic to your party.  "Glamping" is an adventure for children of all ages, so don't be surprised if you begin to think about planning a party for yourself, Snowflakes bring an ageless touch of wonder to your gathering, so let your imagination take flight.
  • Not recommended for ages 3 and under.