Dragon Wings Costume

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  • If your children like fairytales, and stories of fire breathing dragons, they will love these dress up or Costume Dragon Wings.  With a little imagination, they will find themselves soaring around the room, flapping their huge, powerful wings, and shooting out flames as they go.
  • These dark Army Green Felt Wings are embellished with large, light reflecting, triangular shapes, made of Metallic Red heat pressed vinyl, that give them definition.  Using the elastic straps on the inside of the cape type wings, secure them over your child's shoulders, and then have them place their wrists in the elastic loops at the end of the wings.  (It they prefer, they can hold these loops instead of putting their hands in them.)  Once they are situated in the elastic straps, they will be able spread their arms, and create an amazing wing span.  The soft elastic will make it possible for children of several sizes to have a comfortable fit.
  • The Dragon Wings have a wingspan of 32 inches at the top, that diminishes as they go down, to a small point at the bottom.  There are black spikes running down the middle of the wing, for a length of 20 inches.  The spikes protrude about 1.25 inches out from the wings.   
  • Your little dragon lover can use this fun attire for a Halloween costume, for playtime at home, playdates with friends, and as the guest of honor at a Dragon themed birthday party.
  • Not recommended for children age 3 and under.