Dainty White Lace Kids Tee Pee, Children's White Lace Tent

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Our luxurious White lace teepee is just the place to host a garden tee pee tea party with a friend or imagine you are a fairy princess living in a lace castle.  Not only is it elegant, but is also spacious. 


  • screw together pole segments
  • Nice canvas and lace carry case for easy pack up, travel and storage
  • tee pee stabilizer
  • Size is just over 5 foot tall and just under 5 foot wide.  Of course these measurements vary slightly depending on how wide you choose to spread the legs out. 
  • Soft and luxurious white lace cover which is reinforced where the poles slide in. 
  • 1 Strand of fairy lights to wrap in the roof of your tee pee, hang with a banner from your tee or run up and down the entrance of your tee pee. The choice if up to you how you choose to utilize them. 
  • not intended for children under the age of 3

Inspire your child to read a book in this special dreamy lace tent,  or a firefly sleepover in the living room with this amazing tee pee and start making memories today.   Pair it with one of our flower garlands to create a complete fairy garden look. Pair it with one of our pillow beds for a true glamping experience.