Avocado Plush, Avcado Squishy Stuffed Plush

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Welcome to the world of avo-awesome fun! The Avocado Plush is here to bring smiles to everyone's faces with its squishable greenness and unique design. Befriend this lovable toy with its bright expression and be sure to have a ripe good time with it!

Love avocados and guacamole?  Then you'll love this  Avocado plush.  This fun soft and squishy plush is fun for all you avocado lovers. 

  • features cute winking smiley face, and fun dangle legs
  • soft plush velvet fabric with soft squishy cotton fill
  • Approximately 7 inches wide at widest point of avocado

  • 8 inches tall without legs, 11 inches tall with legs 

Great for decorating at  avocado parties, giving as a gift or reward. Check out how we use it in our avocado glamping party bundle .