A New Tradition of Family Fun - Halloween Glamping Party Ideas

As Halloween approaches we would like to share an idea that could be the beginning of a unique family tradition.  Whether you start the night with Trick or Treating, attend a Halloween party, or simply stay at home, an adventure, unlike anything your child has imagined, awaits your family this year.  Chicky Chicky Bling Bling has a new product, created especially for Halloween.  We believe that family moments, and the lifetime of memories that follow them, are a gift every child needs.  So this year, create a memory with the Halloween Glamping Tee Pee Tent Party Box.

(Click the photo to see everything included in the party box)

Close your eyes, and see what expression would be on the face of your child or children, if they walked into a room decorated just for them.  Perhaps your child is a little older, and rather than having the scene prepared for them, assembling the decorations, as a family, could be a magical part of the adventure.  Everything you will need is in the box.

The Halloween Glamping Tee Pee Tent set is a great starting place for a special family party, a Halloween event, or any October birthday party.  The kit includes spider capes, hats that can be used for witches or wizards, lights and banners to accessorize the tents, and pillow bed covers that allow for overnight comfort.

In order to prepare for this adventure you will want to plan for snacks, games, music and movies.  Spooky Little Halloween  is a great place to find ideas for much of this.  Be sure to check out the zombie popsicles on this site  They add a whole new dimension to a popsicle.  Another snack idea, if you have a little one with a sweet tooth, is the Mud and Worms Recipe.  Not only does it work into the Halloween theme, it is also a fun treat that even a young child can help to create. 

 Any game your family enjoys will fit into the night.  Sometimes playing a game that everyone knows and loves is better than learning a new one.  If, however, you are planning to add friends into the night, you might want to look at  40 Halloween Games for Kids.  

There are, of course, many choices for Halloween night movie viewing.  Casper, Hotel Transylvania (there are now 4 of them), It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and Monsters, Inc. are good movies for younger children.  Beetlejuice, GoosebumpsHocus Pocus, and Ghostbusters will provide entertainment for those who are a little older.  Don't forget to have popcorn on hand, children of all ages, enjoy popcorn with a good movie.

Wishing you a blessed day,

Chicky Chicky Bling Bling


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