Candy Chip Sparkle Ponytails and DIY crafts

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🌟 Elevate your hair accessory game and craft projects with our Candy Chip Sparkle Ponytails – the ultimate addition for anyone who loves a dash of dazzle in their day! These Shamballa-inspired bead hair elastics are not just plain fun; they're a vibrant statement that can brighten up any hairstyle. Sold as a set of two, you get one ponytail holder featuring a single large bead and another with three smaller beads for variety and charm.

Each bead is packed with sparkling facets that catch the light, bringing a twinkle to your locks or adding shimmer to your DIY crafts. The playful sparkle and bling are perfect for jazzing up a simple ponytail, braid, or bun, injecting a little fun into everyday styles or elevating special occasion looks.

Not just for hair, these beaded elastics are a fantastic pairing with our DIY build-your-own mason jar kits. Create personalized party favors or heartfelt gifts that combine the whimsy of sparkly beads with the creativity of home crafting.

Key features include:

  • Sparkling Shamballa Style Beads: Add glitter and excitement to your hair or craft projects.
  • Versatile Set: Comes with two elastic styles – one with a large bead and one with three small beads.
  • Perfect for Parties: Pair with DIY mason jar kits for unique favors and gifts.
  • Fun and Fashionable: Ideal for adding a special touch to any hairstyle.

Size: One size fits all hair types

Materials: Acrylic, rubber, polyester

Age 3+ due to the small nature of the bling stones