Deer Print Pillow Bed Slipcover, Woodland Pillow Bed, Deer Hunting Pillow Bed or Floor Lounger Slipcover, Gift for Hunters

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For the family that loves to hunt, this Deer Print Pillow Bed Slipcover is a "must have" accessory. This woodland scene has a deep brown background, and is accentuated by deer and small bunches of leaves, in blues that fluctuate between a Light Blue and Antique Blue.  The buck, in the print, is a beautiful , heavy-horned animal, standing tall against the dark background.  The more you look at this material, the more you will come to love it. 

  • The Deer Print Pillow Bed Slipcover measures 88 inches by 26 inches.  It is machine washable on delicate, or if you choose, you may hand wash it.  There are two choices of how to dry it.  You may tumble dry on low, or lay flat to dry.  If you want to store it, fold it, and rest assured, it will fit in a small space until it is needed again.
  • The slipcover does not include pillows.  You will need to use 5 Queen size pillows, of whatever comfort level you enjoy.  Simply slip them into the 5 zippered pockets, zip, and use.  If the pillow bed is laid flat, it makes for comfortable bedding.  If it is folded over, it becomes a lounger, and can be adjusted in several ways, to provide comfort.
  • This slipcover provides an attractive, comfortable option for bedding or seating.  It may be used in a camping lodge, tent, or cabin, it is great for use in play rooms or game rooms, and it can even become a part of a child's bedroom.  The Pillow Bed allows you to be prepared for unexpected guests.  Just fold it and store it, until it is needed.  It is ready to use within minutes.  It works well as a lounger, and young people enjoy using it to watch TV, listen to music, play video games, talk on the phone, or even do homework.  It also makes a nice nap mat for little ones, and provides extra bedding for a night a Grandma's house.  It is designed to provide comfort to children, teens, and even adults.
  • Create the perfect gift for someone special by choosing the fabric that fits their unique style.  There are other patterns available.
  • The Deer Print Pillow Bed / Lounger is a great start to a Hunter themed Birthday Party Sleepover or Slumber Party.  It works well for male and female Guests of Honor, or it can be given as a party favor, used that night, and then taken home to reuse and make more memories with.  Check out our Slumber Party Bundles.