Girls Unicorn Birthday Parties Sleepover in a Box

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About our Unicorn Theme Birthday Party Sleepover Box

Throw the most magical unicorn birthday party sleepover with our unicorn party box! With everything you need to decorate your space and set the scene, plus fun favors and amenities for a cozy slumber party, your little one will feel like they're sleeping among the stars. A truly unique birthday experience they'll never forget!

Whats included in our Unicorn Birthday Party Box

Our unicorn birthday party sleepover box has everything you need to host 3 kids. Each party box contains:

  • 3 Pink and White Lace unicorn sleepover teepee tents

  • 3 strands of fairy lights to use as decorations on your unicorn sleepover tents

  • 2 unicorn party decorations banners to hand between your unicorn sleepover tents

  • 3 unicorn party themed sleepover pillow bed cases.

  • 15 inflatable pillows for a one time party use if you do not wish to purchase pillows separately

  • 1 plush unicorn head to hang on our slumber party tent

  • 2 cloud and heart mobiles to hang on your slumber party tents

  • 3 large 8 inch wide turquoise holographic bows to use as decorations on your teepee tents

  • 6 round pink marabou bows to clip at each teepee tent door tie back for decoration

  • 3 fairy unicorn glitter heart wands

  • 3 fairy unicorn glitter costume masks

  • 3 holographic unicorn ear headbands

  • 6 unicorn poop balls for having snowball fights and to play other unicorn party games

  • 3 Unicorn party favor jars filled with accessories- 3 yellow glitter headbands, 3 pink butterfly ponies, 6 turquoise sequin ball ponies, 3 unicorn hair ties, 3 hot pink sparkle bow ponies and each jar is topped with a twisted turquoise and hot pink bow.

With all these great supplies you will just need to add unicorn cake and music and watch the magic party memories unfold. 

About Our Unicorn Birthday Party Sleepover Pillow Beds

The Pink Unicorn, clouds and rainbows print Pillow Bed / Lounger Slipcovers measure 88 inches by 26 inches. They are made of a soft polyester material, and are machine washable on delicate cycle, or may be hand washed. You may tumble dry them on low or they can be laid flat to dry. The Slipcover holds 5 Queen size pillows in the 5 zippered pockets. The Pillows Are Not Included, allowing you to choose the comfort level you prefer. ( 15 inflatable pillows included and create an air mattress type feel- however you may choose to use your own standard queen size pillows to create the comfort level you prefer )Unicorn party decorations

About our Unicorn Sprinkles Teepee Tents

  • The white and pink lace Teepee tent is made up of 8 partial poles (2 of these partial poles, measuring 31.5 inches), connect to create a 1 complete pole, measuring 63 inches. Also included is 1 White and Pink Lace trimmed polyester canvas Teepee covering, 4 rubber stopper end caps, 4 PVC pole connectors, and 1 Teepee stabilizer. The Teepee kit also comes with a bag for storing and transporting parts for assembly. The set is completed with 1 strand of fairy lights for lighting the entrance to the tee pee.

  • Our White and Pink Lace trimmed Teepee has 3 sides. Two of the sides are flat panels, one of these features a window. The Teepee entrance is on the third side, and has an opening down the middle, that can be closed, or tied open (with tie backs attached to the Teepee).

  • Please see the Measurements photo below to find sizing.unicorn party ideas

  • This Teepee allows for a child's imagination to run wild. It can become housing for a fairy unicorn, or for any number of fairytale characters.

    Not recommended for children ages 3 and under

    Unicorn Games

  • Our unicorn poop balls are fuzzy snowballs and create an assortment of fun creative unicorn games at your party. Guests can throw the unicorn poop balls at each other and have a unicorn poop fight. Kids can test their juggling skills with the fuzzy snowballs and play a toss game. The ideas are endless of the fun things you can do with these fuzzy unicorn poop balls.

  • Additionally the unicorn head on the middle teepee can be used to play a toss game. Use the ponytail holder from the unicorn party favor jars and try to toss your ponytail holder over the unicorns horn. Or see who can stack the most amount of ponies on the unicorns horn in the shortest amount of time.

  • Additional fun ideas can be to have your guests do a scavenger hunt with unicorn themed items. These can be a simple as printing out photos and hiding them throughout the house.

    Use our Party Supplies Again and Again

  • Our Unicorn Birthday Party Boxes are not rentals. You will get to use them over and over again for playdates, family nights in, parties for other siblings or you can just have the best party favors ever given away at a party- red carpet style.

All our Slumber party packs can be personalized or customized to your desires. Simply contact us, or order from our Etsy store the link is at the top in the banner. Don't miss out on hosting the most magical unicorn birthday party ever with our slumber party kit. Just add cake with unicorns sprinkles and music and watch the magic happen. Your kids will love you for itClick our Etsy link or contact us for personalizations