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A versatile collection of hairbands, hair ties, and ponytail holders, perfect for effortlessly creating stylish updos

About out Hairbands

Explore Chicky Chicky Bling Bling's exquisite collection of hairbands and ponytails, where fashion meets functionality. Our specially designed hair accessories cater to every style and occasion, ensuring you stand out. Whether you're seeking the elegance of a classic hairband or the convenience of a stylish ponytail holder, our collection promises high-quality, trendy options that will keep you at the forefront of hair fashion. Shop with us and discover the perfect blend of beauty and practicality that will elevate your hair game. We sell many fun hair styling accessories.Candy Chip Sparkle Ponytails and DIY crafts

Wear Ponytails?

At Chicky Chicky Bling Bling, we are dedicated to offering fun hair elastics and hair styling accessories, ensuring every lady, regardless of hair type, can find the perfect item to complement her look and style. Our commitment is to provide an inclusive range that caters to all, from those with fine, sleek strands to individuals with thick, or big curly locks. We believe every hair type is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated with accessories that are both fun and functional. Explore our collection and find your new favorites today.Hairband - Spike Ponytail Holder

No matter the length or color of your hair, short or long, black, red, blonde, or any shade in between, Chicky Chicky Bling Bling has the perfect hair tie for you. Our extensive selection ensures that everyone can find a match that complements their unique style and hair hue. We celebrate the diversity of hair types and color, ensuring that no one feels left out. With our vibrant range of color and designs, you’re sure to find a hair tie that feels like it was made just for you. Explore our collection today and discover the ideal accessory that speaks to your personal style.

Your head is the first thing people see when they are looking eye level at you, so we want you to not only look good, but look your best.

Our commitment to you is that orders usually ship in 1-3 days via ground and your package should be in your hands within 10 days or less. We know you have many options of where to shop and we hope you will choose to order from us.Hairband - Sparkle Bow Hair Tie, Sparkly Bow Hair Elastic