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White Kids A-Frame Sleepover Play Tent With Lights
White Kids A-Frame Sleepover Play Tent With Lights front view


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Kids Tents and Teepees

Vibrant and whimsical kids tents and teepee tents, sparking joy and creativity in young imaginations

About our Kids Teepee and Kids Tents

Looking for great gift for a special kid in your life? Check out our kids teepee tent! Our fabulously well-made kids teepee and teepee tents are perfect for creative playtime.They come complete with fairy lights that will not only light up a special space for play but create a fun and magical atmosphere. Kids love spending hours playing in their very own teepee tent or A-frame play tent! Our play tents bring hours of fun for sleepovers and play time.

As Parents we know how hard and important it is to get have quality time play without screen time. So we have created a variety of fun teepee and tent options for your to choose from. Choose from a variety of pricing options, as well as sizes, styles, colors and materials. Each kids tent is appropriate for indoor outdoor use, however we suggest only taking them outside when you plan to use them to extend their looking vibrant and new longer.

Our kids teepee and A-frame play tent will be loved by little ones and big kids alike, and will make a perfect addition to any room. Treat your little one to a fun teepee tent and let them use their imagination and fairy lights to create their own unique personal space, play space or reading nook. The fairy light strand creates its own unique night light for the perfect tent nighttime experience. 

About our Luxe Teepee Tent

Each of our luxe teepee tents are hand-crafted with good quality materials.

  • Our luxe teepee tents feature premium wood poles with chamfered holes. Each of the poles screw together with quality plastic connectors to create a no-fuss, yet sturdy construction.

  • Each luxe play tent features a premium non toxic 100% Cotton canvas cover with teepee tent wit modal window for your child to look out into the world around them or imagine new and far away places. Additionally, each kids teepee canvas cover is made with 2 spacious pockets under the window for storing stuffed animals, books and any other precious items your kids love. Our play tent is perfect for indoor play, however is rugged enough to go for an outdoor play adventure as well. We just don't recommend leaving it outside overnight.

  • What better way to create magic in your play tent than to have fairy lights spreading light. Therefore; we have included 2 strands of bendable fairy lights with each fun teepee which will allow your child the freedom to light up their play tent just the way they want to.

  • Our kids teepee includes a coordinating carrying bag to allow your child to pack up the play tent for travel or for organized storage.

  • Each of our quality hand crafted teepees comes with non-slip, non-scratch foot covers. This way you do not have to worry about scratches on your hard wood floor or our teepees sliding around on slicker tile floors.

  • The dimensions of our luxe play tent teepee are a good size measuring approximately 71x56x61 inches. The width of the play tent door is approximately 56.5 inches. The height of the teepee tents door opening is 39 inches tall. Our kids teepee tent has enough space for 2 children to play in at one time. The quality time your kids will have in our children's play tent, and the endless play adventures you will watch, will bring a smile to your face.  Little girls will pretend their kids play tent is a princess castle while little boys will create endless play adventures in their make believe star lights star wars space ship station. Luxe kids  Teepee Measurements

    About our Lace Teepee Tent

Our luxurious White lace teepee is just the place to host a garden tee pee tea party with a friend or imagine you are a fairy princess living in a lace castle.  Not only is it elegant, but is also spacious. Kids love the dainty feel of our lace teepee and the priceless expression their friends have when invited to join them in this unique play space.

  • Our luxe lace teepee tents feature premium wood poles with chamfered holes. Each of the poles screw together with quality plastic connectors to create a no-fuss, yet sturdy construction.

  • Nice canvas and lace carry case for easy pack up, travel and storage

  • Size is just over 5 foot tall and just under 5 foot wide.  Of course these measurements vary slightly depending on how wide you choose to spread the legs out. 

  • Soft and luxurious lace cover which is reinforced where the poles slide in. 

  • 1 Strand of fairy lights to wrap in the roof of your tee pee, hang with a banner from your teepee tent or run up and down the entrance of your teepee tent. The choice if up to little ones of how they will choose to decorate with them.

  • Inspire your child to read a books in this special reading nook,  or host a firefly sleepover in the living room with this amazing tee pee tent and start making memories today.   Pair it with one of our flower garlands to create a complete fairy garden look. Add our kids pillow bed case bedding and create a glamping experience your children will love.

About our A-Frame Kids Play Tent

  • Each A-frame kids tent is hand crafted with quality materials.

  • Each A-frame sleepover tent frame is constructed with solid wood interlocking. The cross poles fit flawlessly together and then a wood capped screw goes through the center. This allows for a fast, yet very sturdy and durable frame. This will prevent the sleepover tents from collapsing on a child.

  • Our slumber party tents have a luxurious non toxic 100% Cotton fabric cover. The cover has a casing for the two bottom poles so it will be secure. The top of the cover just lays over the top beam of the tent frame.

  • Each of our sleepover tents includes a fabric carrying case. The allows the kids tent to be taken apart and stored in the case for later use or traveling.

  • Each A-frame kids tent measures assembled approximately 48x40x40 inches.Kids A-frame tent Measurements

  • Each kids tent includes 1 strand of fairy lights to decorate your sleepover tent just the way your kids love to create their own glowing special space.

About our Basic Kids Teepee Tent

  • Our Basic play teepees are perfect for indoor camping, fairytale games, birthday parties, and glamping parties.  This may also be the solution to building a "fort" without pulling sheets and blankets out the cabinet.

  • Each Teepee is composed of 8 partial poles (2 partial poles make 1 complete pole) measuring 31.5 inches (a complete pole is 63 inches), 1 polyester breathable fabric canvas teepee covering, 4 rubber stopper end caps, 4 PVC pole connectors, and 1 Teepee stabilizer.  Each Teepee Kit comes with its own bag, for storing and carrying the assembly parts for easy transport. Unlike our Luxe Teepee tent, these poles do not screw together.

  • Includes a modal window on one side to allow for good air circulation and flat panels on the other 2 sides with door opening in the font of the playhouse to allow easy access in and out of the indoor tent.

  • Our basic Teepee tent is smaller than our luxe kids teepee and only measures approximately 47 inches wide and 52 inches tall. This teepee tent tends to only hold 1 child and stuffed animals instead of 2 children like our luxe tents.

  • Each play tent includes light string to decorate the flap door or interior of the kids play tent as the child loves. Your little one will love pretending to be in a princess castle or private space ship, in this play tent your child will create endless play adventures. 
Our kids teepees and kids tents recommended age 3+
Each of our kids play tent and teepees do not include a floor mat. Customers tend to pair our tents with our pillow bed cases to create wonderful gift play sets, glamping and sleepover party sets. Pillow Bed cases are sold separately, or in themed bundles.  Let us help you create a great gift or party with our custom and unique sets. Contact us today. Watch your grandchild's face light up when they see the play area created by our unique kids toys. 
 White Lace kids teepee tent
Our lace play tents
Personalized Kids Lime Green Tent
For personalized play tents order through our Etsy store.  Link at top of the page.Personalized Girls Pink TeepeeKids Red Teepee Tent- Red Kids Tent
Our play tents when used in sleepover party bundles.Lime Green Kids Tent
Our play tents bring smiles.

Our play tents create allow kids to create their very own space to imagine, to read and to sleep. Our play tents kid's play to be what they choose to make it. Watch these play tents become your child's own fort.  Your Kid's play will ignite with our play tents.