Apple Princess Teepee Tent Play Set

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About our Apple Princess Girls Gifts Set

Step into a world of make-believe with our Apple Princess Teepee Tent Play Set! This enchanting play set is the ultimate choice for every little princess looking to embark on royal adventures right in their own backyard or living room.

Crafted with love and attention to detail, our Apple Princess Teepee Tent is more than just a play set - it's a doorway to fantasy land. The tent, beautifully designed, offers a magical haven where dreams take flight and imagination reigns supreme.

Inside this whimsical haven, your little princess will discover her very own castle, a place where she can rule her kingdom, host tea parties, or even curl up with a good fairy tale book. It's spacious enough for her royal subjects (or her favorite toys) but cozy enough to feel like her personal sanctuary.

But the magic doesn't stop at the teepee tent! Our play set also comes with captivating accessories that enhance the play experience.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, our Apple Princess Teepee Tent Play Set is easy to assemble and dismantle, making it a great companion for all of your princess' adventures, whether at home, in the park, or even at grandpa and grandma's house!

This Great Gift Includes:

  • 1 Yellow Slumber Party Play Tepee Tent
  • 1 Red and White Heart Pillow Bed Slipcover
  • 1 Blue and white polka dot bow to decorate the top of the teepee
  • 2 strands of fairy lights to decorate the teepee
  • 2 red marabou bows to decorate the door of the teepee tent
  • 1 princess mask
  • 1 red chunky bow princess headband
  • 1 gold glitter bow princess headbandgifts for girls
  • So why wait? Give your little princess the gift of magical playtimes and unforgettable memories with our Apple Princess Teepee Tent Play Set. After all, every princess deserves her own castle!

Our Proudly Created Sleepover Teepees Details

  • The yellow birthday gift slumber party tent is hand-crafted with quality materials.
  • Our bright yellow birthday gift teepee tent features premium wood poles with chamfered holes. Each of the poles screw together with quality plastic connectors to create a no-fuss, yet sturdy construction.
  • Each bright yellow birthday gift play tent features a premium 100% Cotton canvas cover with teepee window for your child to look out into the world around them or imagine new and far away places. Additionally, each kids teepee canvas cover is made with 2 spacious pockets under the window for storing those most precious toys to your child, be it his or her favorite book or stuffed animal. Our play house is perfect for indoor play, however is rugged enough to go for an outdoor play adventure as well. We just don't recommend leaving it outside overnight.
  • What better way to create magic in your play tent than to have fairy lights spreading light. Therefore; we have included 2 strands of bendable twinkle lights with each bright yellow teepee which will allow your girl the freedom to light up their play tent just the way they want to. Line the teepee poles of the door with lights, hang them between 2 teepee tents, or dangle them from the inside of the play tent where all the teepee poles meet to host your magical night time friendly light decorated teepee.
  • Our bright yellow thoughtful gift kids teepee includes a coordinating carry bag to allow your girl to pack up the play tent for travel or for organized storage.
  • Each of our quality hand crafted teepees comes with non-slip, non-scratch foot covers. This way you do not have to worry about scratches on your hard wood floor or our teepees sliding around on slicker tile floors. 
  • The dimensions of our bright yellow classic gift play tent teepee are a good size measuring approximately 71x56x61 inches. The width of the play tent door is approximately 56.5 inches. The height of the teepee tents door opening is 39 inches tall. Our kids teepee has enough space for 2 kids to play in at one time. Thus allowing your kids all the space they need to invite their plush friends inside for a fun and fabulous tea party.Movie Night Sleepover Tent dimensions

About Sleepover Pillow Beds

  • The Red and White Hearts Pillow Bed / Lounger Slipcovers measure 88 inches by 26 inches. It is made of a soft polyester material, and are machine washable on delicate cycle, or may be hand washed. You may tumble dry it on low or it can be laid flat to dry. The Slipcover holds 5 Queen size pillows in the 5 zippered pockets. The Pillows Are Not Included, allowing you to choose the comfort level you prefer. Princess party supplies

Other Princess Party Supplies Details:

  • Finishing off the Apple Princess birthday presents is an Apple Princess mask made of felt and heat pressed vinyl. It is a beautiful face mask with Black Glistening Hair and a Red Glittered bow.  She'll love playing dress up in this customized gift mask.
  • The bows are a fun way to decorate the perfect present princess tent. Although you may have other ideas of how to use them.
  • The red bow headbands allow the kiddos to pretend and dress up like their favorite apple princess character. Crowns are not necessary when you have the red bow headband as the apple princess did. If you want crowns they are easy to make out of paper and create a fun crafts project for the girls during the course of the evening.
  • The birthday party jar favors are a great re-useable party favor. They are filled with fun princess birthday party themed hair accessories that the girls will enjoy wearing again and again. You may also empty the jars and fill them with candy or snacks.

This princess great gift set will go perfect in her room and she will absolutely love spending hours taking her stuff and friends in her tent. She will even fall asleep on the pillow bed while reading her favorite books from her book collection and singing her favorite songs. She will spend quality time dreaming and imagining as she will enjoy playing with her new princess birthday presents.

Or put the princes set in the living room so the whole family can enjoy watching her cute imagination and fun unfold. Let the bows be excellent stocking stuffer instead of tent decorations. Play games with her in her tent and shel'll truly tell you that is the best gift of all.

The Perfect Gift Personalized Gift

Want your princess set to be a personalized gift? No problem!! Either click on our Etsy store link at the top of the page to order and input your details or contact us directly with the details. We can add a princess clip art and or name personalization to the pillow bed case or teepee tent. We want to help you give the best gift and will do all we can to help you create the best gifts for girls.

Unique Gift Ideas- Gifts for girls

Don't see a gift set that is uniquely perfect for your little one? No need to search any farther. Simply contact us and we can create your perfect personalized and custom gift box today. Tailored to the passions of your child. It will be the best gift you ever gave.

This set is not recommended for children 3 and under. 

Best suited for age group 4-10 years old.

Added bonus this item ships free within the USA.

Above all where ever you get your gift ideas, be it on our blog, or some other gift guides and wherever you purchase your good gift, we hope that you will have a happy holiday season or a wonderful birthday celebration with the girl you love. The best gifts are the ones given out of love and great gift ideas always come from the heart.