Kids Reindeer Costume Face Mask, Rudolph Christmas Costume Face Mask, Child Reindeer Face Mask, Deer Face Mask, Toddler Reindeer Face Mask

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Tis the season to celebrate the joy that Christmas brings. What better way than to play dress up and be Santa's biggest helper, Rudolph. This super fun Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Mask is perfect for those little ones playing make believe at home, for dressing up and for completing all your reindeer themed costumes. This soft kids dress up mask is made of layers of felt so that it is soft of on the face. The deer costume face mask is embellished with a neon pink sequin nose that glistens and shines just as Rudolphs did. This cute little mask paired with a little imagination will create fairytale moments for your child as they bustle around the house delivering presents to all the stuffed animals. Each mask is made with love and features * Layers of Felt for a comfortable fit * Soft stretchy elastic for a cozy fit * Neon pink sequin nose to add a little sparkle * Is one size fits all up to about 10 years old. * I have several other animal masks listed.These masks are perfect for completing the perfect for completing a Halloween Costume, birthday party favors, playing dress up and make believe, dance recitals, Christmas Parties and more. We also offer wings to complement the masks or we offer Wing and Mask sets.