Lighted Makeup Mirror- 3 light Settings

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Achieve a flawless look every time with our Touch Screen Lighted Makeup Mirror! With 3 light settings, USB plug-in cord, and a touch screen design, this mirror will revolutionize your beauty routine. Illuminate your features perfectly and charge your devices simultaneously with this stylish and functional mirror! 💡💄🔌

  • Intuitive Touch Screen: Our Touch Screen Lighted Makeup Mirror features a user-friendly touch screen design, allowing you to adjust brightness levels with just a tap. 🖥️✨

  • Versatile Lighting: With 3 light settings, you can choose the perfect illumination for your makeup application. Whether it's daytime, evening, or professional lighting you need, this mirror has got you covered. 💡🌞🌙

  • USB Plug-In: Our mirror comes with a USB corded plug-in, allowing you to easily charge your devices while you apply your makeup. It must be plugged in to work, ensuring you never run out of battery during your beauty routine. 🔌📱

  • 90-Degree Swivel: The mirror features a 90-degree swivel, providing an accurate reflection from any angle. This flexibility allows for precision when applying makeup or grooming. 🔄👀

  • Perfect Addition to Your Beauty Routine: With its adjustable brightness and accurate reflection, our Touch Screen Lighted Makeup Mirror is the ideal addition to your beauty routine. Shop now and experience the beauty of this amazing makeup essential! 💄💕

Get the perfect look you desire with our Touch Screen Lighted Makeup Mirror — where functionality meets style!