Turquoise Minky Dot Pillow Bed Case, Floor Longer

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Your little one and you will absolutely love this soft turquoise minky dot pillow bed. This makes a great floor lounger cushion for Kids. This kids pillow bed will transform any space into an immediate sleepover and is great for glamping Birthday parties, building forts, reading by the fireplace, making a nap mat at Nana's or Grandma's house or playing with your family pet. This soft pillow lounger is also great for watching T.v., playing video games, camping and makes a quick portable extra bed in a hotel room. Designed for little ones ranging from toddlers all the way up to adults. Features exquisitely soft fabric for ultimate lounging and snuggles. Lay flat to create a bed or fold it over to create a comfy floor lounger. This is a large pillow case cover. It does not include the pillows. You will need to provide 5 standard queen size pillows and load 1 pillow into each zipper pocket. I use the $1.99 standard size pillows from IKEA. When you are done its easy to unload and wash or fold up and put away. This pillow bed pillow fits 5 queen standard size pillows and is 26 inches wide by 88 inches long. Prefect For Your Kids And Teens and even adults.

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