Retro Video Gamer TeePee Tent Party Sleepover in a Box- Party of 3

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This all inclusive Retro Video Gamer Birthday Party teepee tent sleepover kit is all you need to throw your child an epic, tik tok worthy , and memorable Video Gamer tent slumber birthday party. 

The Retro Vide Gamer Themed Sleepover Tee Pee Tent Birthday Party Set Includes 3 White and black stripe glmaping teepees, 3 strands of Fairy Lights,  2 black and white retro video gamer Ribbon Tee Pee Banners, 3 Black and white retro video gamer, video games print Pillow Bed Slipcovers, 3 gamer treat jars,  and 9 black fuzzy Snowballs for having an indoor snowball fight (instead of a pillow fight) in between video game sessions .This Party Set will be your first step toward creating epic Gamer Party of your child's dreams. Simply add pillows, food and video games.

The White and black strupe Tee Pee is composed of 8 partial poles (2 partial poles make 1 complete pole) measuring 31.5 inches (a complete pole is 63 inches), 1  black and White canvas Tee Pee covering, 4 rubber stopper end caps, 4 PVC pole connecters, and 1 Tee Pee stabilizer. Each Tee Pee comes with a matching bag, for carrying and storing assembly parts. Also included are 3 sets of Fairy Lights to accent the front of each Tee Pee, and 2 color coordinated video gamer Ribbon Banners to hang between them.

The black and white video gamer print Pillow Bed / Lounger Slipcover measures 88 inches by 26 inches. It is made of a soft polyester material, and is machine washable on delicate cycle, or may be hand washed. You may tumble dry it on low or it can be laid flat to dry. The Slipcover holds 5 Queen size or 5 standard pillows in the 5 zippered pockets. The Pillows Are Not Included, allowing you to choose the comfort level you prefer.

The black fuzzy snow balls are made of a light and crochet fabric. They are perfect for playing various ball toss and juggling games as well as having a super fun indoor snowball fight.

The gamer treat jars are perfect for adding candy, or popcorn or any snack.  Contains a lid and vinyl gamer controller embellishment. 

Not recommended for children 3 and under.