Girls 7 inch Stiff Glitter Cheer Hair Bow Ponytail Holder

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Girls 7-inch Stiff Glitter Cheer Hair Bow Ponytail Holder: Christmas Edition 🎀✨

Unwrap the joy of the festive season with the Girls 7-inch Stiff Glitter Cheer Hair Bow Ponytail Holder, the perfect accessory to jingle all the way through your Christmas holidays and cheerleading events!

Sparkling Features:

  • Vibrant Christmas Colors: Adorned in classic red and green glitter, these bows are infused with holiday spirit.
  • Durable Grosgrain Ribbon: Each bow is made from a sturdy 3-inch-wide glitter-coated grosgrain ribbon, designed to catch the light and eyes of audiences.
  • Generous Bow Size: With dimensions of 7 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall, the bow's cheer style size is noticeable and attractive.
  • Sturdy Ponytail Holder: A reliable black ponytail holder ensures a snug fit, making these bows suitable for most hair types and sizes.
  • Maintains Shape: These stiff bows are constructed to hold their form, even during high-energy performances.

Ideal For:

  • Christmas Events and Competitions: Bring holiday cheer to your cheerleading practice or next competition with a seasonal twist.
  • Cheer Gifts: Spread the festive cheer amongst your cheer and dance sisters with these dazzling bows as gifts.
  • Party Favors and Stocking Stuffers: Perfect for tween party favors that combine fun with function, and they also make great stocking stuffers that will delight.

Prepare to sparkle not just under the Christmas lights but on the cheer mat too with the Girls 7-inch Stiff Glitter Cheer Hair Bow Ponytail Holder. These bows aren't just accessories; they're a statement of cheer pride and holiday fun.

Take your performance and festive flair to new heights – because with every stunt, tumble, and jump, you'll be a beacon of Christmas cheer!

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