Kids Grey and White Pillow Bed Slipcover, Floor Lounger, Pillow Bed, Gift

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Welcome to the world of comfort and style with our Kids Grey and White Stripe Pillow Bed Slipcover, Floor Lounger. This versatile piece can transform into a cozy bed for sleepovers, a comfortable nap mat, or a fun seating option for playtime. It's perfect for a child's room, a visit to grandma's house, or as an essential part of your 'glamping' party decor. 🛏️🎉💤

    • Versatile Design: Our pillow bed slipcover serves multiple functions. Laid flat, it makes a comfortable bed; when folded, it creates a cozy lounge chair. It's perfect for sleepovers, nap times, reading nooks, or even as exciting bedding for a fort! 🏠📚🌙

    • Quality & Size: The grey and white stripe pillow bed/lounger slipcover measures 88 inches by 26 inches. It is made of soft and durable polyester material that's machine washable on a delicate cycle. It can also be hand washed and dried on tumble dry low or laid flat to dry. 👌🛁🔆

    • Comfort Customization: The slipcover features five zippered pockets that hold queen-sized pillows (not included), allowing you to choose the comfort level you prefer. You can fill it with fluffy, soft, or firm pillows based on your child's preference. 🛌💭

    • Party Essential: Planning a glamping party for your child or teenager? This slipcover is a beautiful start to your decorating process. Pair it with our Slumber Party Bundles for memorable and reusable party favors. 🎈🎁🏕️

    • Perfect Gift: Create a special gift with our pillow bed slipcover. We offer various prints to match any decor or personality. It's a gift that promises comfort, fun, and style! 🎁💝

    Experience the blend of comfort and versatility with our Kids Grey and White Stripe Pillow Bed Slipcover, Floor Lounger!