Green Alien Monster Felt Kids Costume Mask

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Introduce your child to the thrilling world of make-believe with our Green Alien Monster Felt Kids Costume Mask. Designed to bring out the creative spirit and adventurous mind of your little one, this mask can transform an ordinary outfit into a scary creature from outer space. Perfect for Halloween, masquerade balls, or everyday imaginative play, this mask is a passport to countless fabulous journeys without ever leaving home. 👽🚀

  • Innovative Design: This Green Alien Monster Mask features a unique design made of green felt, enhanced with black heat press vinyl that defines the eyebrows and horns. It's a fun and easy way to turn a simple outfit into a monster costume. 🎨👹

  • Comfortable Fit: Measuring 5.5 inches across the face and 6.5 inches horn-to-horn, with a face height of approximately 3 inches, this mask ensures a comfortable fit for your child. A thin green elastic band secures the mask in place without causing discomfort. 📏😊

  • Perfect for Parties and Playdates: Whether it's a Halloween costume contest, Monster Mash Party, or an imaginative playdate, this mask adds a touch of excitement and adventure. Consider buying a six-pack for parties and watch the fun unfold as children adopt their monster personas. 🎉🎁

  • Custom Orders: Can't find the specific mask you're looking for in our collection? Contact us for a custom order. We're here to bring your unique vision to life! 📞💡

Unleash your child's imagination with our Green Alien Monster Felt Kids Costume Mask— where every day is a new adventure!