Hot Air Balloon Glamping Sleepover Party Pack, Hot Air Balloon Party Decorations for 3

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Welcome to a world of wonder with our Hot Air Balloon Glamping Sleepover Party Pack! This kit is your ticket to an unforgettable adventure, bringing the magic and excitement of hot air balloon travel right into your living room. 🎈✨

  • Whimsical Theme: Our party pack transforms any space into a vibrant hot air balloon-themed sleepover area. With this kit, you're not just hosting a party—you're creating an immersive experience that your child and their friends can revisit time and again. 🏠🌈

  • Quality Tents: Included are three slumber party teepee tents, crafted from premium materials. Each tent features 100% cotton canvas covers and quality wood poles for sturdy construction. They come with non-slip, non-scratch foot covers, ensuring your floors remain pristine. ⛺💖

  • Magical Accessories: The pack includes blue fairy lights for the perfect bedtime mood lighting, hot pink sequin costume wings to inspire flight-themed play, fun star wands, pink cloud snowballs for games, and decorative bows for the teepees. Each accessory adds a dash of magic to your party. 🧚‍♀️🎀

  • Practical Inclusions: The pack comes with pillow bed cases and inflatable pillows, ensuring comfort throughout the slumber party. Also included are small plastic mason jar party favors filled with hair accessories, adding a personal touch to your party giveaways. 🛏️🎁

  • Easy Setup and Storage: The teepees feature an easy setup design with no-fuss plastic connectors and come with a coordinating carry bag for effortless clean-up and storage. It's convenience and fun, all in one box! 📦😊

Embark on a fantastic journey with our Hot Air Balloon Glamping Sleepover Party Pack—where dreams take flight!

Personalized Slumber Party Packs

Want you slumber party pillowed personalized with a hot air balloon clip art or child's name personalization? That's no problem. Contact us with the details and we will add the personalizations to your party box before shipping it out.

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We hope wherever you to pick to purchase your Slumber party supplies that you will have an amazing party!!! Kids deserve to be celebrated. However if you choose to purchase your slumber party kit from us we will do our best to make your littles dreams come true and take flight.Personalized Party Favors- Hot Air Balloon Clip Art ChartPersonalized Party Favors - Font Chart