Kids Pillow Beds

What is a Kids Pillow Bed?

A pillow bed is a large pillow case that you put bed pillows into to create a DIY Pillow Bed, floor Lounger, or Floor Pillow. They are great for creating nap mats, having a campout or sleeping arrangement for a child at a sleepover.

Kids pillow beds have become all the rage for creating a fun kids floor lounger, nap mat, floor pillow for kids sleepover party and more. They are very versatile and offer a good sleep quality at great price.

floor pillow for kids

About our Pillow Beds

Our kids pillow bed cases do not include the pillows. Our children's bed pillowcase measure approximately 26 inches wide by 88 inches long. Each children's pillow bed pillowcase will require 5 standard queen size pillows to create the kids floor lounger.

Kids pillow bed measurements

It is easy to create this DIY floor cushion. Simply insert one pillow into each zipper pocket of the pillowcase and viola!!! you have successfully created a floor pillow for kids reading nook, video game floor cushion, or kids sleepover pillow bed sleeper. We do not include the pillows so that you may choose how fluffy or how much firm support you want your pillow bed to have. This also allows our pillows bed cases to be easily folded and transported for travel to a hotel or to grandma's house, where different pillows may be used to create a different sleeping style.

Care Instructions

When you are finished you can remove the pillows and easily launder the outer cover or bed pillowcase. Our pillow beds pillowcases can be washed in the washing machine on delicate or hand wash cycle. They will need to be layed flat to dry or can be tumble dried on a low heat cycle.

Best Seller Prints

Our floor pillow for kids come in a variety of fun colors and prints and made from a feel soft plush fabric. Our kids floor loungers are also large enough to be enjoyed by an adult. These fun soft pillow beds allow for fun fort building, napping, reading, playing video games and make hot sleeper for kids sleepover parties.

We offer tons of soft feel prints for little kids and big kids alike. From bright orange dinosaur prints, to black and white gamer prints, we have a pillow bed case that will be perfect for any kid.

gamer floor cushion

Our kids pillow beds make excellent and unique gifts. When you choose to add a personalization free of charge to one of our pillow bed cases your gift becomes a one of a kind gift.  You can do this by clicking on our Etsy link at the top of our shop page or contacting us directly. 

Personalized Kids pillow beds

Our kids pillow beds are so versatile we have seen them turned into forts, floor cushions, floor chairs, kids floor loungers, children's floor pillows and more. They are perfect to pair with our sleepover tents to create the perfect sleepover oasis. Our kids pillow beds are included in most of our sleepover party packs.

Childrens floor pillow

Pet Beds

It didn't take long to find out not only kids love our kids pillow beds but so do our pets. Little pets can curl up on one pillow, maybe two pillows but the larger pets tend to sprawl out long across all the pillows. Whether you pet is a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper, they will soon enjoy sprawling out in all sleep positions on these great pillow beds. Soon your kids and pets will be fighting over these easy yet fun hot sleepers.