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Why An Avocado Birthday Party?

What's not to love about an avocado party? Every year, more and more girls are throwing avocado-themed parties to celebrate their friendships. And why not? Avocados are delicious, nutritious, and fun to eat. Plus, they make a great Instagram post. Whether you're celebrating Galentine's Day, your bestie's birthday, or just because, an avocado party is the perfect way to show your friends how much you care. So dust off those cutting boards and get ready to party!avocado party

What our Avocado Theme Party Pack Includes:

Each Avocado Party Pack includes everything you need to host an amazing avocado birthday party, glamping style sleepover for 3 guests. The avocado party includes sleepover teepees, pillow beds and avocado theme decorations. Just add guacamole, chips music and guac-and-roll!!!!

  • 3  teepees (complete with carry bags, rubber feet caps, and tee pee stabilizer)
  • 3 strands of fairy lights
  • 3 pillow bed case slipcovers ( pillows not included- each case holds 5 standard queen size pillows) 15 inflatable pillows are included for a one time party use and will have a more air mattress type feel than if you use your own soft squishy pillows.
  • 2 coordinating avocado teepee ribbon banners to hang between the teepees
  • 3 8inch wide  polka dot hair bows to clip at tee pee top for decoration
  • 6 4.5inch brown and pink bling bows to clip at tee pee tie backs on either side of the door entrance for decoration.
  • 3 avocado theme plush pillow squishes
  • 6 pink snowballs for playing toss games, juggling and snowball fights
  • 3 party favor jars-EACH jar contains:, 1 lime butterfly hair elastic, 1 brown and green corker bow , 1 pink and lime green zebra print flower hair clip, 1 hot pink and lime green ribbon know hair pony, 1 moss green and brown ribbon know ponytail holder, 1 green and pink bling boutique hair bow and 1 party favor jar. Avocado Sleepover Party Supplies PackPink Avocado Sleepover Party Supplies kit

Your Avocado Party

What are you waiting for to host an epic avocado sleepover party? Gather your girls, some comfy blankets, and a healthy supply of avocados, and get ready for a night of fun! You can start the party with an avocado-themed beauty treatment, using mashed avocado as a facial mask. Then, enjoy some delicious avocado snacks before settling in for a movie marathon while snug in your sleepover tents. And of course, no girls' sleepover would be complete without a few rounds of truth or dare. So go ahead and order our Avocado Party in a box and get the party started - your girls will thank you for it!

Avocado Birthday Party Ideas

More Avocado Themed Party Details
  • Want your Avocado party supplies box personalized?  Simply contact us or order from our Etsy store where you can input your clip art and name personalizations
  • We have many other sleepovers party themes available if our Avocado theme is not for you. Or you can contact us to make you a custom theme. 

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