Black Hologram and Rhinestone Cheer Bow, Hologram Glitter Cheerleading Bow

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Brighten up the cheerleading squad with our Black, Hologram and Rhinestone Cheer Bow! This sparkling and playful accessory is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any cheer routine.

Our cheer bow features a stunning combination of black,  hologram and glistening rhinestones, creating a mesmerizing and eye-catching effect. Whether you're jumping, tumbling, or cheering on the team, this bow is sure to shine under the stadium lights.

But this cheer bow isn't just about style - it's also about performance. Made with durable materials, it's designed to withstand even the most energetic cheer routines. Plus, its secure hair elastic ensures it stays in place, so you can focus on your moves, not your accessories.

Whether you're a cheerleader looking to add some sparkle to your uniform, or a coach looking for the perfect team accessory, our Black Hologram and Rhinestone Cheer Bow is the ultimate choice. It's not just a bow - it's a symbol of team spirit and personal style!

So why wait? Light up the cheerleading squad with our Black Hologram and Rhinestone Cheer Bow. It's not just an accessory - it's a game-changer!


Size: 7" Wide, one size fits all, on hair elastic 

Materials: Polyester, rubber, polyurethane, acrylic