Apple Princess Jar Party Favors

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Unleash the magic of imagination and enchantment with our Apple Princess Jar Party Favors! These whimsical keepsakes are more than just jars, they're a treasure trove of joy filled to the brim with delightful hair accessories.

Each jar is lovingly crafted, and designed to capture the heart of every little princess. Inside, you'll find a charming collection of coordinating hair accessories, including vibrant hair ties, sparkly hair flowers and headbands. All these wonders are color-coordinated in a harmonious blend of princess-inspired hues, ensuring that your little one can mix, match, and create her fairy tale looks.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Our Apple Princess Jar Party Favors also double as dainty decorations, adding a touch of whimsy to any party table. They're perfect for princess-themed birthdays, sleepovers, or even just as a magical surprise for your little one's everyday adventures.

With our Apple Princess Jar Party Favors, you're not just gifting an accessory set; you're sparking imagination, encouraging creativity, and making dreams come true. So, why wait? Add a sprinkle of magic to your party with these enchanting jar party favors and watch as your little princesses' faces light up with joy!

Remember - in every little girl's heart, a princess slumbers. And nothing awakens that princess quite like our Apple Princess Jar Party Favors. Order yours today and let the royal festivities begin!

Contact us and we can add a name personalization to each Jar.