Queen of Hearts Pillow Bed Slipcover, Red Hearts Floor Lounger Slipcover, Valentine, Christmas, or Birthday Gift Valentine's Floor Lounger Gift

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About our Valentine's Day Floor Lounger

Introducing our exquisite Red and White Hearts Pillow Bed Slipcover, designed to bring joy and comfort to the "Queen of Hearts" in your life. This stunning slipcover sets the stage for a fun and heart-filled playdate, slumber party, or sleepover, igniting endless possibilities for creating memorable moments.

Immerse yourself in a world of love-themed party ideas as you plan a "Loving" Party. The heart, symbolizing love, opens up a plethora of options for crafting a unique and enchanting celebration. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas (with its vibrant red color), or Valentine's Day, this slipcover makes a wonderful gift that will be cherished.

Designed with ultimate comfort in mind, our slipcover features soft polyester fabric, providing both lounging and sleeping indulgence. It's easy to care for, as it can be machine washed on delicate settings or hand washed. Tumble dry on low or lay it flat to dry. When not in use, fold and store it in a small space, ensuring convenience and versatility.

Please note that this is a pillow bed slipcover and does not include pillows. It can accommodate five queen-size pillows, allowing you to choose the level of comfort that suits your preference. With five zippered pockets provided, the pillows stay securely in place. Measuring 88 inches by 26 inches, you can lay it flat for use as bedding or fold it over for relaxed lounging.

Create a truly personalized gift by selecting a fabric that matches the unique style of your special someone. We offer a variety of patterns to cater to individual tastes. Let faces light up as children embrace a "glamping" party with a heart theme. Explore our Slumber Party Bundles and treat your guests to reusable and memorable party favors.

Embrace the essence of Valentine's Day and indulge in the comfort of a kids pillow bed, floor lounger, lounger pillow, and floor pillow lounger. Our Red and White Hearts Pillow Bed Slipcover is crafted to deliver both style and functionality, ensuring a delightful and unforgettable experience.