Gray Chevron Kids Pillow Bed Floor Lounger

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Introducing our Gray Chevron Kids Pillow Bed Floor Lounger, a versatile and comfortable accessory that kids and teens will adore. This gray chevron print pillow bed slipcover is perfect for creating an instant sleepover space, a cozy reading nook, or a comfy lounging area. The best part? It can be personalized with your child's name or fun clip art, making it extra special! 🛏️🎈

  • Versatile Design: This pillow bed can be laid flat to create a plush sleeping mat or folded over to create a comfortable floor lounger. It's great for birthday celebrations, campouts, travel, or simply lounging at home. Whether your child wants to nap, read, play video games, or watch cartoons, this pillow bed is the perfect companion. 🎮📚

  • Personalized Touch: Make this pillow bed truly unique by adding your child's name or favorite clip art. This personal touch will make this floor lounger their favorite spot in the house. 🎨🔠

  • Comfortable and Cozy: Made with soft fabric, this pillow bed measures 88 inches by 26 inches, offering ample space for ultimate lounging and snuggles. The slipcover features five queen-size zippered pockets (pillows not included) so you can customize the comfort level to your child's preference. 📏🥰

  • Easy Care and Storage: The slipcover is machine washable on delicate or can be hand washed. It can be tumble dried on low or laid flat to dry. When not in use, the pillow bed can be easily folded and stored in a small area, making it a practical addition to any room. 🧼🗄️

  • Customizable: Choose from a variety of other fabrics to match your child's unique style. This makes the pillow bed a perfect customizable gift for any occasion. 🎁🌈

  • Ideal for Parties and Sleepovers: Our Gray Chevron Kids Pillow Bed Floor Lounger is perfect for slumber parties and sleepovers. Pair it with our Slumber Party Bundles for a memorable and reusable party favor. 🎉💤

Transform your child's space with our personalized Gray Chevron Kids Pillow Bed Floor Lounger today!