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About our Kids Teepee Tent Replacement Cover  (COVER ONLY)

Get your kids' teepee looking like new with our selection of replacement covers from Chicky Chicky Bling Bling. Our unique and stylish designs are crafted with quality materials, making them the perfect way to refresh an old or tattered teepee. Choose from a variety of fun prints and colors that will brighten up any space. Give your child's teepee a makeover - and create lasting memories - with our high-quality replacement teepee covers from Chicky Chicky Bling Bling!

  • Each play tent cover features a premium 100% Cotton canvas cover with teepee tent window for your child to look out into the world around them or imagine new and far away places. Additionally, each kids teepee canvas cover is made with 2 spacious pockets under the window for storing those most precious toys to your child, be it his or her favorite book or stuffed animal. Our play tent is perfect for indoor play, however is rugged enough to go for an outdoor play adventure as well. We just don't recommend leaving it outside overnight.
  • Includes a matching carry bag
  • FITS Chicky Chicky Bling Bling LUXE Teepee Poles
  • Teepee Tent Replacement Cover

Kids Teepee Dimensions

The dimensions of our play tent teepee are a good size measuring approximately 71x56x61 inches. The width of the play tent door is approximately 56.5 inches. The height of the teepee tents door opening is 39 inches tall. Our kids teepee has enough space for 2 children to play in at one time. Thus allowing your kids all the space they need to invite their plush friends inside for a fun and fabulous tea party.

Box Contents

1 Teepee Replacement Cover (COVER ONLY!!! THIS IS NOT A FULL TEEPEE)

1 Matching Carry Bag


Kids White Teepee TentTurquoise kids teepee tent
Back and Side Walls 

Black Kids Teepee TentRed kids teepee tent
Front View with Doors Tied Back.  Kids bench with Giant Stuffed Monkey inside. 

Kids Lavender Teepee Tent
Door Flaps down with view of side window

Kids Turquoise Teepee Tent
Front View without door tied back.  Indoor Play area is approximately 43x43 inches

Make your child's teepee stand out with a replacement cover from Chicky Chicky Bling Bling! Our fun, stylish designs are perfect for any space and will last through countless sleepovers and playdates. Give your kids the gift of a uniquely designed teepee today and let them create lasting memories with their friends!

Suggested for Ages 3 and up.

front view of kids teepee tentfront side view of kids teepee tentback side view of kids teepee tentback and side view of kids teepee tentside view of kids teepee tentfront view of kids teepee tent

Walk Around 360 View of TeePee COVER ONLY