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About Our Super Hero Sleepover Tents For Sale Party Bundle

When it's time for your child's next slumber party, make sure to pick up the Super Hero Slumber Party Tent Bundle. This set comes with everything you need to turn any room into a headquarters for your little crime-fighters. With this set, your child and their friends can have hours of fun pretending to save the world from evil villains. So grab your capes and let's get ready for some action!

What our Super Hero Sleepover Party Tents Set Includes:

  •  2 bright yellow Sleepover Teepee Tents
  • 1 Red Sleepover Teepee Tent
  • 2 color coordinated Super Hero Ribbon Banners to hang between the slumber party tents
  • 6 strands of assorted colored Fairy Lights to decorate the slumber party teepees
  • 3 Super Hero Pillow Bed Slipcovers( includes 15 inflatable pillows however you may choose to use 15 standard queen size pillows of your own depending on the comfort and feel your going for ) 
  • Super Hero Lightening Bolt Masks
  •  3 Spider Web Capes

Superhero Party Sleepover Tents for Sale 

Our Proudly Created Sleepover Teepees Details

  • The yellow and red super hero slumber party tents for sale in our slumber party box are Each hand-crafted with quality materials.
  • Our bright yellow teepee tents feature premium wood poles with chamfered holes. Each of the poles screw together with quality plastic connectors to create a no-fuss, yet sturdy construction.
  • Each bright yellow play tent features a premium 100% Cotton canvas cover with teepee window for your child to look out into the world around them or imagine new and far away places. Additionally, each kids teepee canvas cover is made with 2 spacious pockets under the window for storing those most precious toys to your child, be it his or her favorite book or stuffed animal. Our play house is perfect for indoor play, however is rugged enough to go for an outdoor play adventure as well. We just don't recommend leaving it outside overnight.
  • What better way to create magic in your play tent than to have fairy lights spreading light. Therefore; we have included 2 strands of bendable twinkle lights with each bright yellow or red teepee which will allow your child the freedom to light up their play tent just the way they want to. Line the teepee poles of the door with lights, hang them between 2 teepee tents, or dangle them from the inside of the play tent where all the teepee poles meet to create your magical night time friendly light decorated teepee.
  • Our bright yellow kids teepee includes a coordinating carry bag to allow your child to pack up the play tent for travel or for organized storage.
  • Each of our quality hand crafted teepees comes with non-slip, non-scratch foot covers. This way you do not have to worry about scratches on your hard wood floor or our teepees sliding around on slicker tile floors. 
The dimensions of our bright yellow play tent teepee are a good size measuring approximately 71x56x61 inches. The width of the play tent door is approximately 56.5 inches. The height of the teepee tents door opening is 39 inches tall. Our kids teepee has enough space for 2 children to play in at one time. Thus allowing your kids all the space they need to invite their plush friends inside for a fun and fabulous tea party.Movie Night Sleepover Tent dimensions

About Sleepover Pillow Beds

  • The Superhero Pillow Bed / Lounger Slipcovers measure 88 inches by 26 inches. They are made of a soft polyester material, and are machine washable on delicate cycle, or may be hand washed. You may tumble dry them on low or they can be laid flat to dry. The Slipcover holds 5 Queen size pillows in the 5 zippered pockets. The Pillows Are Not Included, allowing you to choose the comfort level you prefer.  ( 15 inflatable pillows included and create an air mattress type feel- however you may choose to use your own standard queen size pillows to create the comfort level you prefer )

 The Rest of the Superhero Slumber Party Accessories Details

  • Completing the set are 3 Black Felt Lightening Bolt Masks and 3 Black Felt Spider Web Capes.  The mask measures 6 inches by 2 inches, and has a narrow elastic strap across the back to hold it in place.  The neck opening on the cape is about 10 inches, and the adjustable tabs on the sides are 2 inches wide, with Velcro strips.  It is 21 inches long with a "wingspan" of 49 inches.    
  • This Super Hero Party Set allows you to decorate, while using reusable, fun party favors.  

Not recommended for children 3 and under

What's more super than a superhero? We have all sorts of sleepovers party themes available if you're not into the traditional SUPERHERO. Contact us to make your own custom theme, and we'll provide hours worth slumber fun at home with this package!