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  • The Green Alien Monster Mask is a fun and easy way to turn a black sweat suit, or jeans and a T-shirt into a Monster from outer space.  Your little one will love using the mask to create a variety of scary creatures for Halloween, or for making up characters during pretend or make believe play.  A child can go on many fabulous journeys, without ever leaving home, if they only have something unique to jumpstart their imagination.
  • The Green Alien Monster Mask is made of green felt and is enhanced with black heat press vinyl, which creates eyebrows and defines the horns on either side of the head.  It measures 5.5 inches across the face, and 6.5 inches from the tip of one horn to the tip of the other horn.  The face is approximately 3 inches from the top to the bottom of the mask.  There is a thin green elastic that goes around the back of the head to hold it securely and comfortably in place.
  •  This mask would work well for a masquerade ball, a Halloween costume contest, or a Monster Mash Party.  It would be an adventure to develop a party for monsters, give these Green Alien Monster Masks as a party favor, and then enjoy watching the children walk around stiffly or hunched over, while making monster noises.  
  • The mask is offered as a single item, or may be purchased in a six pack for a party or imaginative playdate.
  • If you are looking for a certain type of mask, and do not find it in our collection, please contact us to talk about a custom order.