Popcorn Plush with Popcorn Kernels for flicking,

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This super fun popcorn plush is perfect for family movie night.  Cozy up with this popcorn plush or pull the kernels out and flick them at family members for some fun. 

  • Popcorn plus is approximately 14 inches tall with kernels in the bag and approximately 11 inches tall the with popcorn removed. 
  • Includes 3 popcorn kernels with laces for flicking and tossing games, each kernel measures approximately 3 inches by 3 inches. 
  • Popcorn bag has a popcorn side and fun face side. 

Make family movie night a little more fun with our popcorn plush.  Or check out the popcorn plush in use with our movie night glamping sleepover theme.