Kids Costume Accessories

About Our Dress up and Halloween Costumes

Here at Chicky Chicky, we love to play pretend and dress up. Whether it's transforming into a beautiful princess for a birthday party are creating the perfect Halloween Costume our Halloween Costume Accessories are one of a kind.  

Halloween Costumes

Our Costume and Halloween Costume accessories are perfect for creating those unique Costumes.  From glitter fairy wings to pirate masks and capes we have something special for your little one. 

Lets Play Dress Up

Looking to create those fairytale moments and memories that last a lifetime?  We have the dress up accessories and costumes to help create those magical moments.  From sparkling fairy wands and mermaid masks, to iridescent fairy wings and reindeer capes, we have something for all the littles out there to imagine big with. 


So what are you waiting for?  Order your Dress up, Let's play pretend and Halloween Accessories today.