Kids Tent and Teepee Gift Sets

About our Unique gifts for kids

Looking for the perfect gift for a child?  Whether it's the holiday season or a birthday gift you're looking for we have your covered.   Our gifts for kids are all the rage when it comes to imaginative play.

Our kids gift set includes:

  • may include an assortment of teepee or A frame Play Tents in an assortment of colors including some with pom poms trimming.
  • kids pillow bed case, for in tent floor lounging
  • coordinating teepee or tent banner decoration
  • additional themed accessories that vary by theme

The best gifts for kids are the gifts that require your child to imagine and pretend play.  Your little one will love our great gifts.  Consider getting more than one set for the whole family to have an indoor camping experience. The best part about these unique gifts is that they are easy to set up and provide hours of creative playtime and big fun for little ones.

What to do with a Teepee Tent Play Set

Our kids themed gift sets are perfect for reading, napping, and imagining great adventures, or even play games. From pretending to be on a pirate ship to being a princess locked in a castle, there is no limitation to the great fun that can be had.  Going to visit other family members like Grandma?  Our kids tent set packs up nicely for travel.  Who needs fancy electronic toy gift guides with only cool gifts in technology when the best toys are old fashioned use your imagination gift sets available. 

Great Gifts are Unique Gifts

Want us to personalize your hot item gift set?  No problem please contact us or order from pour Etsy store, link above where you can put in your clip art and name personalization details.

Don't see a play set you like?  No problem, just contact us and let us know what your kid likes and we will do our best to create a custom gift set just for them. 

Gifts for kids are everywhere.  We hope you will choose to entrust us with your special gift.  We make simple products that create fairytale moments and memories to last a lifetime.