Little Girl Costume Hologram Fairy Wings

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About Our Little Girls Costume Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings are the perfect accessory to turn any little girl into a magical Fairy Princess! This pretty set of fairy wings come in an array of iridescent colors. They're also a great way to create a costume as a fairy, bug, bee, or angels.

Bee wings

Iridescent Fairy Wings Size

These costume accessories fairy wings are approximately 15 inches wide and 11 inches tall. The costume wings have soft elastic arm straps to hold them in place. So let your little girl's imagination take flight with these adorable Fairy Wings!

Our Fairy wings have a gorgeous shape to them and the embroidery stitching creates a unique dimensional wing element.

Iridescent wings  fairy wings measurements

Content of the Fairy Wings

Each pair of our quality iridescent fairy wings are made from a holographic pu canvas, foam, polyester thread and foam. The layers of the fairy wings construction provide integrity and create a wing that will last a long time. Our fairy wings are easy to clean, the slick pu surface provides a way to wipe away any spills.

iridescent fairy wings close up

Who Will the Fairy Wings Fit?

The Iridescent Fairy wings are one size fits all. However, we do recommend only allowing children ages 3+ to play in them. Our fairy wings will provide a magical experience for your child as they change from a little girl into a fairy playing games in the garden. Your child will imagine all kinds of costumes and creatures they can create with these amazing costume wings.

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Bee Wings? Fairy Wings? Angel Wings?

 Whether your little girl is dressing up for Halloween as their favorite winged character, a birthday party, or just playing pretend, these wings are sure to make her feel special. They are perfect for creating fun bee wings, fantasy fairies, angels, and any other winged creature your child might love. Many parent have called our fairy wings their children's favorite toys. Remember how much fun it was to come up with ideas and things to do as a child. Imaginative play can improve a child's free time by letting their imagination run free. So what are you waiting for, go on and order? Our costume wings and accessories are in stock and ready to ship.

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