LUXE Kids Teepee Tent Frame ( Frame Only) (Replacement Poles Only)

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About our Kids Teepee Tent Replacement Frame (Frame Only)

Create an unforgettable experience for your children with the Kids Teepee Replacement Teepee Frame from Chicky Chicky Bling Bling! Our high-quality frames are perfect for any playroom or bedroom and provide a safe, fun environment for your little ones. Crafted with durable materials, our easy-to-assemble frames will be a great addition to any room. With our colorful and stylish designs, your kids will love their teepees. Get them their own Kids Teepee Replacement Teepee Frame today!

Teepee FRAME ONLY Features

  • Each of our wonderful kids teepees are hand-crafted with quality materials.

  • Our  teepee tents feature premium wood poles with chamfered holes. Each of the poles screw together with quality plastic connectors to create a no-fuss, yet sturdy construction.
    Kids Royal Blue Teepee Tent
  • Each of our quality hand crafted teepees comes with non-slip, non-scratch foot covers. This way you do not have to worry about scratches on your hard wood floor or our teepees sliding around on slicker tile floors. 
    Pink Kids Teepee Tent Foot Closeup 

Kids Teepee Frame Dimension When a Cover is ADDED

The dimensions of our play tent teepee are a good size measuring approximately 71x56x61 inches. The width of the play tent door is approximately 56.5 inches. The height of the teepee tents door opening is 39 inches tall. Our kids teepee has enough space for 2 children to play in at one time. Thus allowing your kids all the space they need to invite their plush friends inside for a fun and fabulous tea party.

Box Contents (Frame only- DOES NOT INCLUDE THE COVER)

8 teepee tent poles

4 connectors

4 foot covers


Play tent instructions

Suggested for Ages 3 and up.