Rainbow Parties Ice Cream Sleepover Party Supplies Kit

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Rainbow Parties Ice Cream Sleepover Party Supplies Kit

Make your child's sleepover magical with the Rainbow Parties Ice Cream Sleepover Party Supplies Kit. This all-in-one bundle is crafted to deliver a whimsical and vibrant ambiance that will transport the little guests to a dreamy world of flavors and colors. Embrace the ultimate sleepover extravaganza with these delightfully curated items.

Each Sleepover Rainbow Party Supplies Kit includes:

  • 3 Sleepover Teepee Tents
  • 6 Strands of Fairy lights to decorate your teepee tents
  • 3 Large polka dot bows to decorate the top of your teepee with
  • 6 Rainbow Ice cream Treats bows to decorate each side of your teepee tent doorway
  • 2 Rainbow ice cream print ribbon banners to decorate your cake table or hang between your teepee tents
  • 3 pillow bed cases (15 complimentary inflatable pillows are included however you may choose to use 15 of your own standard queen size pillows to create a more cozy feel)
  • 3 Party Favors Jars filled with coordinating rainbow colored hair accessories
  • 9 colorful fuzzy ice cream balls to play snow ball fights, host juggling and toss contests with 

Product Features:

  • Rainbow Ice Cream Party Favor Jars: Each guest will receive their very own jar, brimming with hair accessories that are as colorful as they are practical. These jars double as a memorable keepsake and the perfect hair accessory organizer.

  • Eye-catching Rainbow Ice Cream Party Banner: Add a splash of color to your decor with our durable and reusable party banner. Featuring bright ice cream and rainbow designs, it sets the tone for an evening of fun and frolic.

  • Cozy Sleepover Teepees: Create an enchanting sleep space with our easy-to-assemble teepees. Adorned with playful patterns, they offer a private retreat for giggles and stories.

  • Comfy Pillow Beds: These plush pillow beds provide the perfect spot for your young guests to lounge and drift off into sweet dreams. They're soft, comfortable, and match beautifully with the sleepover theme.

  • Twinkling Fairy Lights: String up the magic with included fairy lights that give a soft, ambient glow. Perfect for creating a starry-night effect, these lights are sure to be a shining point of the night.

Transform your living room into a fantastical ice cream parlor with our Rainbow Parties Ice Cream Sleepover Party Supplies Kit. This all-inclusive set is designed to create an unforgettable experience for your child and their friends. Complete with vibrant teepees and pillow beds, each child will have their personal nook for the night's escapades.

The focal point of the room will be the striking rainbow ice cream party banner, stretching across the space to announce the theme of the night's adventures. As the sun sets, watch their faces light up under the warm glow of the fairy lights, creating an atmosphere filled with wonder.

And as the night winds down, gift each little guest their special party favor jar filled with charming hair accessories to take a piece of the magic home. Ideal for birthdays, celebrations, or just a weekend treat, the Rainbow Parties Ice Cream Sleepover Party Supplies Kit is your ticket to hosting a memorable event that will be talked about long after the last scoop of ice cream has been enjoyed.

Get ready to scoop up some fun and create treasured memories with the ultimate sleepover kit that promises a night filled with laughter, joy, and rainbow dreams!

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