Wizard Teepee Tent Party Set, Wizard Tee Pee Sleepover Party Set, Wizard Slumber Party Set

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About our Wizard Sleepover Tents Set

Conjure up some fun with this magical Wizard Teepee Tent Party Set. It comes with everything you need to throw a spellbinding slumber party.  

Whats in Each Box

Each Wizard Party Box Includes:

  • 4 Sleepover Tents you choose which color set of these sleepover teepee tents you want.
  • 8 Strands of fairy lights so you can decorate your teepee tents however you like
  • 3 custom wizard tee pee banners to hang between your sleepover tents
  • 4 Wizard Hats with Coordinating Teepee Tent House letter to put on the top of each sleepover tent.
  • 4 Solid Black wizard hats for you and your guests to wear
  • 4 pair of handmade card stock paper glasses for you and your guest to wear
  • 4 handmade house ties to coordinate with you teepee tent house for you and your guests to wear
  • 4 handmade wooden and ribbon wrapped wands for you and your guests to cast spells with.
  • 4 Spider web cloaks for you and your guests to wear   .  

About our Sleepover Teepee Tents

  • Each of our lovely teepees is carefully constructed using high-quality materials.
  • harry potter decorations
  • The teepee tent's upright wood poles have chamfered holes, giving the structure a high-end look. To make a quick but sturdy creation, each of the poles screw together with superior plastic connections.
  • Kids Royal Blue Teepee Tent
  • Each teepee tent window in this play tent is surrounded by a 100% cotton canvas cover with a teepee tent window for your child to look out into the world around them or imagine new and far distant places. Each children's tepee canvas cover has two big compartments under the window for keeping wands, glasses, capes and spells.
  • Kids Red Teepee Tent with Window
  • Fairy lights are the most effective decoration for a play tent since they add light while also creating magic. As a result, with each teepee tent, we've included 2 strands of bendable fairy lights so that each kid may light up their play tent in any way they choose.
  • Kids Green Teepee Tent with Lights
  • To allow your youngster to carry the play tent away or for organized storage, our kids teepee includes a matching carry bag.
  • Non-slip, non-scratch foot covers are included with each of our high-quality handcrafted teepees. You won't have to worry about scratches on your hardwood floor or our teepees sliding around on on slick tile.

Kids Teepee Dimensions

Our play tent teepee is made of high-quality materials and has a spacious interior. Our play tent teepee measures approximately 71x56x61 inches in size and includes excellent features. The width of the play tent door is 56.5 inches. The height of the teepee tents door opening is 39 inches tall. Our kids teepee provides

About the Wizard Kids Sleepover Pillow Bed Cases 

  • The Black and White Stripe Pillow Bed Slipcovers are made of a soft polyester material and measure 88 inches by 26 inches.  They have 5 zippered pockets that hold 5 Queen size pillows.  The Pillows Are Not Included, allowing you to choose the comfort level you prefer.  The slipcovers are Machine Washable on delicate, or may be hand washed, then Tumble Dried on low or laid flat to dry.  When not in use they can be folded and stored in a small place. 20 complimentary inflatable pillows are included for your one time party use should you decide not to buy pillows.  They are not a cozy as pillows but provide a more air mattress type feel.

The Rest of the Wizard Sleepover Party Decorations

  • The rest of the Party Set includes fun wizard costume and wizard play items.  There are 4 black felt Wizard Hats to be worn during play, and 4 black felt Wizard Hats with gold glittered Bands and House Initials, to be used to signify which tent belongs to which Wizard.  Simply hang them on top and each child's house will be identifiable.  4 Black Felt Spider Web Cloaks, 21 inches long, with a "wingspan" of 49 inches, allow for unique Wizard attire.  There are 4 pair of black card stock paper glasses that my be worn or used as decoration, as well as 4 different House Ties and 4 Wands to be used by the Party Wizards.
  • This Wizard Party Set allows you to decorate, while using reusable, fun party favors.  
  • Not recommended for children 3 and under.